Secondly, there seems to be a wrong selection in terms of market segmentation. Even though the product is a revolutionary one, however It is still only an improvement of an age-old device. Regardless of how much promotion the product has received from third party reviewers, the consumers still need to be educated on why this more expensive mouse trap is better than the conventional ones.

Thus it is imperative that the President hires experienced sales people in order to reach and educate more potential consumers. Apart from that, It Is also important to change focus In terms of target market, since the current strategy is targeting women. The target market should be anybody facing the Issue of mice In their household. With the right marketing and positioning strategy, along with a strong ales force, Trap-Ease America can definitely capitalize on the revolutionary product.

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SOOT Analyst;s: Strengths ; Very Innovative and engineered product ; Highly environmental ; Long lasting product because of re-usability Weaknesses ; High price ; Less promotion ; Not proper segmentation ; Product oriented strategies ; Lack of marketing people Opportunities ; High potential market ; Attractive product ; Ease to use product than other ; Less competitors Threats ; Any company that can create mouse traps ; Insecticide tort Trap-Ease America: The Big Cheese of Mousetraps Trap Ease America is the number "ONE" mouse trap that has been in the market for many years.

Is easy and safety to use. User can dispose of the mouse while is still alive, or the user could leave it alone for a few hours to suffocate inside the trap. Trap Ease had won a contest and beat 300 new products. According to people magazine, Trap Ease has brought a lot of attention and therefore they have a high demand. But Trap Ease had not actualities the demand. A group of investors invested into Trap Ease and hired a retired rancher and Martha to serve as president to develop and manage the Trap Ease America organization. Questions for Discussion .

The first step Martha and her team need is the 4 Co's. The 4 Co's consists of Customer Needs & want, Cost to customer, Convenience and Communication ( Robert L). My mission statement would be "to catch a mouse, NOW is "Safe and Easier". To catch a mouse is "Cheaper and faster", Trap Ease is the Solution to the mouse problems and child proof. 2. Martha has identified a few market segments (Women/ concern about mouse), but in my opinion; she has not been productive about it. In fact, Martha is having issues with building strong customer relationship.

One market segment I will build will be a partner relationship management team. This team not only will recognize the sac's but also build an organizational culture for Trap Ease America organization. This team's strategy will study consumer behavior and educate the rest of the organization. This will help to build a customer relationship and equity. Another advantage of this team will be to catch is customer value. By customer value, customer will be satisfied buy more and stay loyal. 3. Martha was the only salesperson for Trap Ease.

Trap Ease had build publicity, Martha felt that she did not need much advertising. In fact, Trap Ease had earned Good housekeeping seal of approval and Home and Shelter magazines. Martha is confident that very little advertising needs it, but she is also realizing that she is short of salespeople. The product could be positioned in many different ways. One way will be, the use of social media. We are living in an era of the digital age. Online marketing is now the fastest growing form of marketing. Almost every company is using the Web as advertising. . The current marketing of Trap Ease is out dated and expensive. As advertisement, Martha is using a home and shelter magazine and Good Housekeeping seal. I see huge problems with Marsh's market strategic. Marsh's market strategic is "OUT DATED". . Trap Ease America's competition with any organization similar to Trap Ease ( conventional traps) 6. I will change Trap Ease marketing strategy by pointing out important segments, factor one is to create a value for customers and build customer relationship.

A marketing company knows that they cannot serve all customers in every way, so they focus their time in customers they can serve best. Second, it appears that Martha Fleet is having an issue by missing consumer delivery time. I will reorganize and structure Trap Ease chain of command (organizational structure). This included hierarchy of authority, aggressive. In conclusion, when starting a new organization or working for an already established organization, we have to stay current. For example, Marsh's advertising strategy was out dated.

She budgeted $10,000 dollars for advertising. Martha was the president of Trap Ease and at the same time she was the salesperson. Trap Ease America 1 . Martha and the Trap-Ease America investors believe they face a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. First they need to evaluate the product and see if there is anything they can do that could improve it. Second they need to make sure to target the right customers so they can sell as many as possible. Third they need to be able to look at the packaging and shipping so that the product will get to the customers fast but at a reasonable rate.

Last would be the mission statement there's would be like this, "We produce a trap that you could use safer and easier than the traditional trap, with no risk of catching your fingers while loading it". My mission statement would have been something similar but I would compare my product to others to separate myself from others but I would have included how much safer it is for your family to use. 2. Martha has identified the best target market for the Trap-Ease. Women usually stay home more than men do so this product would be easier for women to handle.

Men usually do not care about how it gets trapped as long as it does so this product does work very well and believe Martha should market it for everyone because it makes every bodies life easier by using these traps. 3. The company has put itself in a great position to expand and be high in demand since the traps are so successful. I think they should try to position it towards the elderly because this is an easier way of Distribute the product direct hardware, grocery, and drug chains, avoiding any wholesaler or other intermediaries. 5. Trap-Ease America's competition would be any organizations that make or sell mousetraps. . If I could change Trap-Ease's marketing strategy I would make sure I try to target as many assorted segments. I would also try to lower the price so I could stay competitive with other companies. I would be very safe about how I spend my money and make sure I am always looking to improve my own product. Case 1 . Trap-Ease America: The big cheese mousetrap. Prepared by Kamala Soothsayer, Finance 1 . Len order to evaluate their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity the investors need the information if there's another more sophisticated tool of fighting against mice.

If there are - their opportunities are not so high. But if another tool haven't been invented yet and the Trap-Easies the only innovative mousetrap on the market, Martha and investors are able to use distributorship. Group would write mission strategy like "we are making innovative mousetrap that traps massively'. L suggest writing it as: "to get rid of mice in the easiest, cleanest and safest way - you conveyance it with the Trap-Ease mousetraps". Housekeeping. The other consumer target can be vessel-owners or docks because in hips there are usually problematic mice and rats.

Moreover, docks will buy traps in large amounts improving the sales of thecompany. 3. The company's positioning is that the Trap-Ease "traps mice easily'. I think that this positioning is too broad and not catchy. I would rather position it as "the Trap- Ease traps macerating no clean-up problems", or "traps mice leaving your hands clean". 4. Product:- Innovative mousetrap - the Trap-Ease. Price: - $2. 49 per 2 units Place: - National grocery, hardware, and drug chains such as Safety, Smart,Highness and CB Drug. Promotion: - $10,000 on advertising in Good ND other "home and shelter"magazines.

Housekeeping to make - $50,000 for travel costs to visit trade shows and sales calls on retailers Considering the Place, I think, Trap-Ease can be also distributed through supermarkets (likeable-Mart and others), because housewives often visit these kinds of supermarkets. Other items marketing mix, in my opinion, can be remained the same. 5. The Trap-Ease America's competition is the producer of traditional, spring- loaded trap as its price is cheaper than Trap-Ease's and it is the perfect substitute of the Trap-Ease. 6. The company is facing marketing myopia and its marketing strategy s too product-oriented button customer-oriented.