Determine he direct impact of marketing for the health care provider you selected. The direct impact of marketing that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama has is that it offers coverage plans to corporations, individuals and senior markets. They are independent agencies that branch off of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, that provide healthcare coverage. They are known on almost all of the social media websites. They can be connected on Faceable, they have videos on Youth, be followed on Twitter, and they have a blob.

To find the up-to-date information they have their own web page the consumer can go to. Outline a strategy for the health care provider you selected to determine the utilization of its products or services. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama offer a variety of insurance products that will supply anyone with coverage whether it is a small group, large group, small business or individuals. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama have partnered with the federal government to process Medicare and Alabama All Kids for a fee-for-service claims and payments.

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These benefits help families that would not be able to take coverage out on their families. Alabama All Kids of Alabama will cover children that o not qualify for Medicaid. Therefore, there should not be a child in the state of Alabama without insurance. We the Healthcare Reform that will be coming into effect in 2014 there will be more Americans that will have to have affordable insurance. They will be looking for affordable insurance that will benefit their healthcare needs. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama have already started to focus on plans that will provide affordable value added products.

Some of the services that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama provide health care insurance, dental and vision, restrictions, mental health, substance abuse services, emergency services, hospital and physician care. Although, Blue Cross and Blue Shield provide many services they are a preferred provider network. "The Preferred Provider Organization network is a group of doctors, dentists, pharmacies, hospitals and outpatient facilities enrolled as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama providers to offer services at special prearranged rates. (Health Benefits Plan) With Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama if you stay within their network you do not have to pay copy; but moieties small copy may require for some services. If you go outside of the network you have to pay copy and sometimes a balance is left on the bill that you will have to pay. Outline a marketing strategy for the health care provider you selected. There are numerous marketing functions within Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama that plays an important part in providing quality service and outstanding customer service.

In order to have excellent quality and outstanding customer service is communication, research, development, and public affairs all play and important role in marketing. Each area supports a wide variety of leading services for all members, companies, employers, and individuals. In today's society social media marketing is playing a big role in most companies. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama do a lot of their marketing on Faceable, Twitter, websites, and blobs. This helps them to reach out to all genders and all age groups.

Technology has played a big role in insurances companies marketing their policies because customers can research and compare prices and benefits at any time of the day. The number one thing in marketing is communication. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama will send a survey in the mail or online to get the patients feedback. This makes the policy holder more comfortable with trusting this company. Therefore the patient would recommend this insurance to others. Since they are satisfied with the type of service that they are getting it helps them to refer the insurance company to others.

Recommend at least three separate ways the health care provider you selected could shape the buying decisions of its customers. One way that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama could use to shape the buying decisions of its customers is to have policy that everyone could afford. They have Alabama All Kids but that is only up to the age of 19. (basal. Org/web/) The economic perspective of customer's behavior focuses on the price of the insurance. A decrease in the price of the insurance will result in an increase in the quantity of the amount of insurance that is purchased.

If people could buy insurance at a reasonable price then more people would buy it. Since customers have different needs have insurance they are going to like a lot of information on different products. An advertisement also is an influence on the consumers to purchase insurance. Advertising can be persuasive and provide information about special offers and price decreases within the company. Advertisement can be the best source for Blue Cross Blue Shield with the new 2014 Health Care Reform coming up.

They can advertise through social media, newspaper or magazines, radio or televisions, and billiard boards. The insurance company has to make sure that their advertising is current so they can stay on top of their competition. Planning can also help with the shaping of the buyers decision. Blue Cross and Blue Shield have to focus on who they want to target to get to purchase their insurance. They have to plan the prices that fit with that community and the benefits that fit the customer's needs.

If the benefits and price is not what the consumer is looking for then they will go to another company. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama have gained the trust from many companies and individual. Trust is something that before a person purchase a policy they have to make sure that the company is legit. Who want to put a lot of money into something to not have it available when it is needed? Blue Cross and Blue Shield have had their share of lawsuits but they would rebuild their trust by making everything good with their