Consumer psychology seeks to sees different method to understand the consumer and the inter working of their minds. The sole purpose of the branch of study is to help improve marketing. It can be said "A good product with bad marketing will not sale, but a bad product with good marketing will sale". Consumer Psychology is used to make every product that is produced, marketable to the proper demographics. "Brand" what is a brand? Is a name on a product or service? Does It mean more? Without the skillful marketing and associations, a brand is just a name on a product or service.

There are shoes that are as effective in protecting your ankles and absorbing shock from impact as a pair of Nine's Alarm Cordon's. But, they carry no relation to any emotional significant moments in sports, they are not associated with athletes that have been dollied or traumatized in a positive perception by the media. Thus, the none branded product Is only brought or sold by those during the research to know that this none branded product is cheaper in price and just as effective.

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With the knowledge or "truth" that a significant portion of the population fall victim to brand loyalty regardless of the truth concerning about the product or service, It Is a good Idea to develop or attach a "brand" connected to product(s) or service(s). Symbolism is basically another expression of saying "A picture says a thousand words". A successful marketing campaign according to the article(s) Is that a brand Is carrying a meaning(s) beyond the picture. And, a successful marketing campaign tries to link elements of success with their product or service.

Whatever elements the company feels will be hose particular demographics to understand the elements they feel are associated with success. Once the brand is established, it can compete with other brands by marketing a stronger and powerful message about why a particular brand has a strong meaning of success than another. Market communications and Consumer Psychology are one in the same. They are independent elements, but they are also co-dependent. Marketing communication could not be effective without consumer psychology; consumer psychology has no why of proving its results to be true without immunization through the market.

This is only one example of the truth concerning the relationship between these two entities; marketing and psychology. They relate because they are both allowing each other to exist. The marketing campaign will be inadequate without consumer psychology: It can be said that the market outside of the essentials needs of human being, will no longer exist because people will not be sold an idea of what they need beyond the basics to survive. So, markets exist because of the study and application of consumer psychology.

Consumer psychology is the study of the human mind and its "truths" behind why it will or will no purchase a product. Consumer psychology has learned that selling the human mind feelings of "truth" is Just as good to some people as if you actually gave them the truth. Not all of the human minds are affected and they need to be told the facts and not told about a "feeling" concerning the product. Consumer psychology has learned this about the human mind, but that was only possible during the trial and err phase of marketing; hush they are related in needing each other to function.

In conclusion, we have reviewed an article(s) about branding a product or service. We have learned that symbols and pictures carry hidden meaning and obvious meaning to the consumer. We have learned that brands are developed with the intentions of projecting a feeling or meaning to the product or service. Thus, it makes it easier for consumers to recognize what it means to wear, own, or observe the product, but that knowledge or feeling can only be achieved through a successful marketing campaign.