Azalea. Com. My too provides several methods for payment services such as Papal, credit and debit cards, direct debit and express courier revive In shipping for customers allover In Malaysia. Moreover, Azalea. Com. My provides a return policy service to customers who wish to return their purchases within 30 days of purchase and willing to refund customers balance as store credit without any penalty charged. C) Product is Uniquely Better Azalea. Com. Y conducts various Interviews and market research on potential brands that will attract and sell successfully to customers because Azalea wants customers to consider these potential brands superior and unique to the competition on the Internet. For instance, Azalea. Com. My is willing to take risk to bring in and sell local designer's products for the reason that the fabrics used by the designers are good In quality with eye-catching designs and believe that customers are willing to pay for a price since they feel the purchase would be a worth buy. To date, Azalea. Com. Y offers more than 400 top international and local brands and designers on the website. In addition to that, Azalea. Com. My is able to keep away from price wars as the 400 top selected brands offered on the website remains unique from other online besides. D) Take ownership of customer results. Azalea. Com. My takes ownership of customer's results because Azalea. Com. My understands their customers by ensuring that customers get what they want when making any online purchases while Azalea. Com. My is controlling the overall costs. The advantage of this proposition for Azalea. Mom. My is that once Azalea. Com. My is established in their customer's operations, customers will stay loyal to Azalea. Com. My and other new online websites will find it hard to compete with Azalea. Com. My. 'I. Evaluate Azalea. Com. Y based on each elements of the 8 key elements of an e- business model. A) Value Proposition b) Revenue Model FIFO d) Competitive Environment e) Competitive Advantage f) Market Strategy g) Organizational Development h) Management Team iii. Discuss how Azalea. Com from the point of Porter's 5 forces model, specifically addressing the Malaysian market.

Diagram of Porter's 5 Forces 1 . Rivalry Among Existing Competitors When Azalea. Com decided to tackle the Malaysian market, Azalea takes note on the number and capability of its competitors in the Malaysian market. At that time, Fashion Valet was the only similar website that carries a wide range of brands from local to Asian designers. In order to set their place in the Malaysian market, Azalea offers many brands that Fashion Valet does not have and created their website where customers will find it is easy to navigate with clear tabs for men's, women's and kids' fashion.

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Azalea. Com also offers discounts and bargains all year round to attract current and new customers while constantly bringing new brands to the website. 2. Threat of New Entrants Azalea. Com was already an established brand in other Asian markets and thus, when Azalea. Com wanted to tackle the Malaysian market, Azalea. Com has already a customer loyalty to established brands offered on the website. Thus, the market size of Azalea. Com increased and became the largest and fastest growing fashion website in Southeast Asia.

Azalea. Com eventually has a strong a durable barriers to entry and able to preserve a favorable position and take fair advantage of it. 3. Threat of Substitution Fashion Valet is a good example of threat of substitution for Azalea. Com. When Azalea. Com entered the Malaysian market, Azalea. Mom tries to add a mixture of top international and local brands with affordable prices as Fashion Valet focuses on local and Asian fashion designers. Moreover, Azalea's websites updates their soon as they are launched.

Azalea offer provides several payment options such as Cash on Delivery (COD), Cellos Arches, Credit Card, Online Transfer and offers free shipping for all orders of which paid price is ARMS. O and above. 4. Bargaining Power of Buyers Azalea. Com is trying to control the bargaining power of buyers by implementing promotion and discount programs to their customers. Azalea. Com offers a ARMS off for new customers with a 1 year validation period. Other than that, Azalea. Mom provides a comprehensive and personal service for customers who wish to inquire about their purchases. Azalea. Com also offers shipping that takes less than 14 business day to arrive at customer's doorsteps and free shipping for order above ARMS. Azalea. Com also offers a flat rate shipping fee around ARM to RMI depending on the location. 5. Bargaining Power of Suppliers Azalea. Com tries to set reasonable prices for the Malaysian market so that customers room any income groups are able to enjoy purchasing their items on Azalea.

Azalea. Com tackles the Malaysian markets as they have concentrated purchasers and thus, will increased the quantity of the products because of the high demand from the purchasers. Azalea. Com too tries to find other new brands to increase the customer's preferences as well as to attract new customers. Lb. Assess how Azalea. Com competes with TRADITIONAL and ONLINE companies that offer similar online services by reviewing the approaches it uses for different elements of the marketing mix. ) Price In terms of price, Azalea. Mom competes with traditional and online companies by visiting similar websites to them such as the Fashion Valet. Azalea. Com may also use price comparison websites to check before setting their final price as price of products on the Internet becomes competitive for the reason that the price transparency gets quicker and comparing prices is getting easier. Azalea. Com able to set their price reasonable or probably lower as they are able to reduce costs such as the staff costs and store space. B) Product Azalea. M did a research on customers' needs before uploading photos of the products will full description stated on it. Providing a complete information about all products sold on Azalea. Com is crucial in order for the customers to get a realistic picture of the product and make it offered more attractive. Other than that, Azalea. Com is offering high quality services to their customers that should reflect satisfaction of customers, reliability, responsiveness, security, competence and ease of use. C) Place Azalea. Com offers a new way for distributing various of brands through online selling.