Identify a Product or Service Description Product or Service Current and Past Promotional Activities Proposed Target Market Further Need for Promotion Describe Promotional Activity Budget Work Action Plan Monitor Promotional Activity 3 Review and Report on Promotional Activity Effectiveness of Work Action Plan Survey Feedback Outcomes of the Promotional Activity Comparison of Objectives to Outcomes Conclusions and Recommendations Step 1 - Plan Promotional Activities Identify a Product or Service:- -Pizza Hut Description Product or Service:- Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain and international franchise that offers efferent styles of pizza along with side dishes including salad, pasta, buffalo wings, breadfruits, and garlic bread.

Strengths History and reputation Market leader Well trained workers Long experience Part of Yum Opportunities People like a pizza Extend to the world Online services Weaknesses Not real restaurant Delivery system Lack of an organic pizzas internal conflicts from franchisees law salaries Threats Healthy eating habits Competition will expend The rising prices of ingredients Product substitution Current and Past Promotional Activities:- Current Promotions:- Windows phone APS - using the windows phone app. You can order and save a pizza. Gluten free base add $3. Past Promotions:- To order our triple dippers meal deal and get it delivered for free! Proposed Target Market:- Overview of Target Market:- . International students make a Significant Contribution to Australian society, diversifying and enriching communities, and strengthening Australia's global networks. Age:- According to Australian Bureau of Statistics (http://www. Abs. Gob. AU/status/abs @ . NSF/Lookup/4102.

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Main Featureless + +2011), the majority of international students are between 20-24 years. So the age range chosen for the action is 20 to 24 years. Gender:- Male and Female This popular base for targeting includes young people who are adept to using technology. Social class:- Middle class and upper class. Lifestyle:- Young people who use the internet and eat fast food. Further Need for Promotion:- These days the companies need to analyze your competition and stakeholders to not lose market share, so it becomes necessary one action that includes young people. Describe Promotional Activity:- Consider the various types of promotional activity, such as:- Advertisements in the international schools

Creation of Web pages in other languages Sales Promotion like a card for international students Distribution of flyers in the pizza hut Development of displays and signs SOOT Analysts:- Capital qualified staff Motivation of employees Increase in sales New segment of target audience Adapt them to a new logistics Delay in delivery if sales increase Competition No public acceptance Not increased sales Project expenditures Effectiveness of Promotion:- The international education sector is important not only to Australian society, but also the country's economy. International education activity contributed $16. Billion in export income to the Australian economy in 2010-11. Because of this it is necessary the companies includes in the market these students. Use of new technologies along with the convenience and speed of the fast food service make the proposed activity to be effective. Organizational Requirements:- The Pizza Hut is present in 88 countries, the network has more than 12,000 restaurants around the world and employs more than 250,000 employees, then your responsibility is big. The Pizza Hut is within the laws of the Australian government.

Has programs that indicate the nutritional table. Has social responsibility programs in several countries. Objectives / Outcomes:- The purpose of this promotion is to include international students and increase sales of Pizza Hut, besides improving logistics. The results will be measured in increased sales and a question of satisfaction in the finalization of purchase. Step 2 - Coordinate, Implement and Manage Promotional Activities Budget:- Activity / Resources Cost Creation of a sales application for mobile devices. Card for international students AS 1,800 Printing of flyers. AS 1,500 People to disclose. 300 Total AS 5,600 Work Action Plan:-

Promotional purposes: - Increase sales: creation of an application which the customer can order your pizza by mobile phone and diversify the flavor you want. The application will show you step by step that'll be the pizza being made to delivery. - Inclusion of international students: an option in the application where the student can choose to use the app in your native language. And the option to apply for a of fidelity card with photo, which the student shows in the delivery and earn promotions. All employees of Pizza Hut will be involved in this action previously will be offered raining to the staff to the effectiveness of the application. Monitor Promotional Activity:- The activity will be monitored through a system where IT sales will be quantified.

Step 3 - Review and Report on Promotional Activity Effectiveness of Work Action Plan:- This plan of action was good because consumers chosen target market are young and most adept at the use of this technology and demand for practicalities. Companies need to adapt to changes in the technological world and each environment who are inserted. Because of Pizza Hut being present here in Australia ND have many international students must include them in promotions and make them feel important. Outcomes of the Promotional Activity: - Were delivered over 1,000 pizzas in one month and were created by the application requested 720 of fidelity cards, about 70% of applications were made by international students.