From the company's contributions to charity to the fun, lighthearted word choice of their product's labels, Innocent successfully portrays Itself as being a brand which above all, wishes good lath for the consumers of their smoothies. The reputation which Innocent Smoothies holds is thanks to the values upon which the company was first established. Head of Communications for Innocent Drinks, Charlotte Rawlins, stated that "You have to build from your principles and make sure there's a good product at the heart of it (and) if that's the case, a good reality and image will follow.

A wide variety of product characteristics have ensured that this image of Innocent Drinks Is preserved. 100% recycled bottles, donating to their own charity foundation, introducing 'kids packs', ensuring their product has health benefits such as intriguing to peoples' 5-a-day, Jokes and heart-warming messages on their packaging... Even their innocently drawn logo of a somewhat Juvenile drawing of a smiley face contribute to giving the impression that Innocent Drinks are as Innocent as their company's name. (Need references from partner).

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Innocent Is rated as the most environmentally concerned company. Tropical is next in line. Consumers that buy smoothies on a regular basis (once a week) and consumers that buy smoothies very rarely both agree on the fact that Innocent's work ethics are above those of Its competitors. Also, even though Innocent is the most expensive out of its main imitators, 69% of respondents have said that Innocent smoothies are worth every penny. Nevertheless, Tropical had a 73% rate, own brands had a 65%, 42% for Happy Monkey and 29% for Colorless.

Segmentation/Targeting The smoothie market is divided into varying groups of consumers, which all differ In products of the marketing mix. This is known as market segmentation (Kettle and Keller, 2006). Innocent targets people that are health conscious, since their smoothies have no added sugar and are made 100% from fruits. They do not have any sort of colorings, flavorings or genetically modified products. Another group of people that Innocent smoothies are aimed at is time-strained people or workers, this being because of the practicality of the product.

It is not only healthy, small and filling, but contributes to one's 5-a-day fruit and veggie count. By having one small 250 ml smoothie, one is already having 2 of their 5-a-day. This is easy for those who have difficult times getting their diets balanced with their work. A third group of buyers that Innocent attracts are parents. Kids' diets are extremely important while growing up and a smoothie is always a more appealing option to a young one than a piece of fruit. Innocent is a better option in every way than a fizzy soft drink which probably has no nutritional value and more sugar.

Geographically, Innocent has expanded from a small stand at a concert in London to having a presence in France, Austria, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland and Denmark. Demographically, Innocent has focused on young kids in an essential growth stage of their lives all the way up to mid-age men and women workers who struggle to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. People with active lifestyles tend to consume this type of product more since it offers a trouble-free on-the-go option.