From the Information about Cabin In the case and at the start of the chapter. (a) whom did Hammed Lukas identify as the target for his first cups of Greek yogurt and (b) what was his initial "ups" marketing strategy? (a) Hammed Lukas was targeting Americans as he was convinced that Americans would like the Greek yogurt if they gave It a try. In more detail you could say that Mr.. Lukas used the differentiation focus strategy, as he was creating a superior product that was geared towards Americans. He was more focused on selling his yogurt too narrow target audience.

His first cup of yogurt appeared on shelves of a small grocer in Long Island, New York. (b) The four "AS" are product, price, promotion, and place. Initially Hammed Lukas wanted to create a product that would be superior to other yogurt companies as he wanted to come out with a Greek yogurt that had a perfect recipe. As far as price I didn't really seem to find an initial response. Price, however, would be asking certain questions like: Are there established price points for products or services in this area? Is the customer price sensitive? How will your price compare with your imitators?

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He never stated what his plan was for price except that we knew the product would be superior in taste so we would make a generalized assumption that the product would be a little more costly. He did get some pretty good promotional Ideas out there. Mr.. Lukas at first relied on positive word of mouth. In 2010, he started Chamomile and giving out free samples to encourage people to try it for the first time. Cabin yogurt could be found in places like Bi's, Cost, and Stop & Shop. However, once it picked up it was selling nationwide in the US, UK, and Australia. (a) What marketing actions would you expect the companies selling Hypoxia, Daemon, and PepsiCo yogurts to take In response to cabochon's appearance and (b) how might Cabin respond? (a) If companies like Hypoxia, Daemon, and PepsiCo wanted to remain competitive I would expect them to create a new similar product so that they remained competitive with the deferent yogurts that are out on the market. I would expect those companies to stay aggressive on the price so that they can try to maintain the market share compared to newer companies trying to enter the market. ) Since Cabin is a newer company, I would suspect that they can't do a whole bunch expect with regards to the price. Since Cobalt already had Its promotion, place, and product already lined up price would be the other factor that you can be flexible with. I mean, theoretically they could create a cheaper yogurt, however, then Mr.. Lackey's idea of creating a superior product would not be following his values. 3. What are (a) the advantages and (b) the disadvantages of Cabochon's Customer Loyalty Team that handles communication with customers-from phone calls and e- ails to Backbone and Twitter messages? A) The advantages of Cabochon's Customer Loyalty Team is that they respond to nearly 7,000 customer e-mails and phone calls a month, and respond to almost all of them. Customers also get hand written note, and to me It really personalizes the experience for the customer themselves. Doing this leads to word of mouth which to me Is huge way of free advertising. (b) I can't really a disadvantage of Cabochon's Customer Loyalty Team. Since they respond in a 1 OFF are putting customer service and quality first, and I view this only as a positive. . As Cabin seeks to build its brand, it opened a unique retail store in New York City: Cabin SoHo.

Why did Cabin do this? I think the reason Cabin decided to open a "yogurt bar" was genius primarily for two reasons. First, from a business standpoint you can track more easily the flavors customers like and keep track of the data. Doing something like this will show the types of flavors (new or old) that customers like. So if you can be up-to-date with what the customer wants it keeps you in the game. The second reason I believe Cabin did this was to create a leasing place where you can enjoy a product with new creations and Just enjoy yourself and making it a friendly experience. . (a) What criteria might Cabin use when it seeks markets in new countries and (b) what three or four countries meet these criteria? (a) When Cabin seeks new markets in other countries I would suggest they keep in mind peoples taste buds, what the cultures food tastes are like, and is there a market in this area. Sometimes the market is Just to huge. An example of this would be Europeans and they yogurt loving style as they eat nearly five or six times as much yogurt as U. S. Customers.