JIMMIE, which is a website that mainly sells cosmetics. JIMMIE Is the first also the largest cosmetics limited-time sale store In China. It focuses on making It easier, more Interesting and more reliable to buy cosmetics online. It put some hot cosmetics on its website and sells them at a low discount in limited quantity. It promises only selling quality products and consumers can return products unconditionally in 30 days. [pica The development of JIMMIE 1. 2010. 03 petroleum on line. 2. 2010. 08. 17.

Having 100,000 users. 3. 2011. 04. Putting world-of-mouth center on line. 4. 2011. 06. Putting JIMMIE store on line. [Pit] Research of CLIME market share [pica] SUZIE: According to the art of: whoever Is first In the field and awaits the coming of the enemy. Will be fresh for the fight; whoever Is second in the field and has to hasten to battle will arrive exhausted. Which means being the NO. I in the area is very important. SOOT Analysts 1. Excellent core team. 2. Perfect service system. 3. Great investment team. 4. Long-term cooperation relationship with buyers and suppliers. 5. Special BBC store. 1.

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JIMMIE is a late starter. 2. The consumers are not that Loyola 3. It doesn't have many advertisements. O 1 . Recently group-buying market is developing rapidly, and It still has large development space. 2. Government Is helping e-commerce now. 1 . Market has already been seized by some group-buying websites. 2. Baud and Taboo take away most flux. 3. The consumers are limited. Conclusion I hope the following advice can help make JIMMIE better. 1. Optimize the industrial structure. 2. Continue to focus on user's experience. 3. Strengthen the cooperation between industries.