Marketing and Advertising In Relation to Social Medal Social media in the last few years has exploded, catching the interest of businesses and people a like. Social media is clearly an effective way to communicate when millions of people are apart of it. But even as successful as social media sites like Faceable and Linked are, marketing to such a diverse and wide audience can be challenging none the less.

The ideas of Identity and personalizing something that's "yours", are some tools that social media sites have capitalized on and used exhaustively In their marketing plans and advertising strategies. This Investigative study hopes to continue to uncover the truth behind why social media sites are such an effective way to communicate between people and businesses, independently and collectively a like. Linked proudly stands at more than 259 million users and counting and brought 2013). In contrast Faceable has a little more than 1. 1 billion users and brought in a total of about $6 billion in revenue in 2013 (Faceable. 2013). Why do these numbers matter? They matter because these companies arena just email providers like AOL or Yahoo! Mail. These companies are offering a service and doing it very well - as their total year in end revenues point out. You don't become this successful without a great marketing plan and advertising strategy. It's Interesting though that however similar Linked, Twitter, and Faceable are to each other In nature. Al of them seem to have found their "ninth" in the market and for the most part seem to avoid direct competition. Linked caters to primarily business to business (BIB) services while Faceable caters to primarily customer to customer (ICC) services for the "typical" arson. And yet still, Twitter seems to cater to people with "celebrity status. If these sites - and others Like them - were broken down and analyzed, you would primarily find two major components: communication and advertising. These sites operate by giving the customer/business a page all to themselves.

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From there, the user is able to customize their new page in many different ways while still keeping the main theme of the site. Some of these custom postings allow you to advertise where you work, whom you know, and what you like to do for fun. Other users are hen allowed to view your page at a limited viewing but can request permission to see the full page. After an acceptance of request Is made the two users are free to see each other's page, "get to know" each other by seeing what makes up their unique stats, see whom else they know, and can communicate; both publicly and privately with each other.

Oh and did I mention this is all for free?! Faceable Is widely successful because they offer such an easy to use platform that incorporates the Idea of marketing the Idea of marketing. Now that sounds a little tit people of course, but that's only done through the process of either specifically or inadvertently marketing yourself as a user. It's a brilliant idea really; provide a place for people to connect either as a BIB, BBC, or ICC relationship.

Then advertise that you're the best at it and continue to add new and easy to use features that allow people to keep marketing themselves and keep their interest in general of using the site, Faux La! Oh, and did I mention not only being the first to do it, but being the first to do it really well, tends to help a lot in this marketing strategy. Well, at least that seems to be how Faceable made its claim in the online business. And with so many users, advertisers everywhere want a space on the page.

This adds up to a lot of "easy money' for Faceable and helps to keep the site's services free to users. Although some of that may change soon (King, 2013). People and businesses everywhere are doing research on better ways to market their own page and companies like Faceable, Linked, and Twitter are hitting the ground running to try and keep the site interesting and easily engaging. And again, Faceable seems to be prevailing the most when it comes to this though, Linked is a close second (Broaching, 2013).