I have accumulated very useful facts that will strengthen my decision on recommending such a product and what the cost would be, how society shushes skinny as the "in thing" and what the possible side effects of the ingredients that a person can have as well as how readily available it is in the nearby super market. From TV commercials to the latest Vogue magazine you constantly see the added push to be skinny. You are told by kids your own age or even adults that no one will love you if you are overweight. A commercial comes on and it is about a new diet pill that will allow you to drop weight fast and will cause you to fall in love with some.

Those ads are the main reason why a person would want to go and try anything and everything to cause them to be skinny. As you get older you are wiser when it comes to such advertisements but a young teen up to early twenties are more willing to buy these products because they see it on TV so it must be real. With skinny bodies on the rise of want haves the purchase of diet pills is higher than ever however depression can over take a young teenager if the diet pill they purchased fails and the teen or young adult did not achieve the goal the commercials promised.

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Another thing that will cause the purchase off diet pill is the cost of them. When new weight loss medication comes out they are always on some sort of sale. The price can range from $10 to $40 which is an easy dollar amount for a young teen or adult to come up with. These companies make the prices low because they know there is a high demand for weight loss. Based on past research, the United States has one of the highest counts of obesity and the number increases yearly.

Unfortunately the producer of this pill plays into the demand of people wanting to lose weight and will slightly increase the cost on the prices so that they are able to make some type of profit. There are times where even the slightest cost can change the mind of the purchaser but the minor hope of losing the weight will win and the product will be purchased. Another influence on the purchase of the diet pills is how easy it is to purchase them from your local grocery store. They are in your Wall-Mart's, Fry's, and even found in your convenient stores such as Circle K.

With the non-prescription diet pills being on the shelves of every store someone who is trying to lose weight would not go without too long before buying the next best attempt to lose Just ten pounds. Last but not least, an influence can and will result with the outstanding obsession of a diet craze the side effects could be bad based off of some ingredient that is in the diet pill however due to the extreme need to lose weight a person will not care because the care of being thin is greater.

Some of the ingredients that are used in non-prescription diet pills caused the product to not be approved by the FDA and could cause long term side effects but the product is still purchased the offset chance it makes you thin. An example that follows the same line would be sodium. You have known foods that have high counts of sodium such as soy sauce or a TV dinner and yet you still purchase those items. My product choices has been chosen because I have personal experiences with using a wide variety.

I have used not only prescribed but I have used many of the ones you can purchase over the counter at your nearby grocery store. In my experience, I have had nonprescription pills that worked but for short term with side effects such as Jittery to pills that were a complete waste of money because they did nothing of what they promised. After thousands of dollars over several years I have anally figured out how to truly lose weight and to keep it off. Marketing Mix (the four Product: Over the counter weight loss supplements that require no prescription in order to quench the consumers' needs.

Supplements in this category are normally classified as low Carr diet aids, fat burners, promote energy and will aide in water weight loss. Price: Money is always involved when the purchase of these products take place and the cost of the pills can range from as low as a $1 (if you are finding them in dollar stores) all the way to $100 plus depending on where you are finding the pills. They come in many forms such as liquids, soft gel tablets or a pill form.

Promotion: When it comes to promoting the newest diet pill you can Just turn on your locale TV and see the newest commercial on it or open up a magazine and read about it. I have gone as far as seeing them advertised on the city bus. Place: Anyone interested in the new diet pill can purchase these in a wide variety of stores as well as purchasing them off the internet or a toll free number associated with the commercial you Just saw. Environmental Scan Unfortunately with today's society always on the lookout for the next best thing on owe to lose weight the social need would benefit the manufacturers in a major way.

Due to the need to get thin and the strong desire to fit into that brand new pair of skinny Jeans the need for the nonprescription diet pills keep increasing. Truth of the matter is the cost may be a good price to start off with, because most of the "new pills" offer a sale price the cost of maintaining the use of the pills seem to go up however with the small goal achieved on some consumers they are will to continue to purchase the pill Just to assure they lose 1 or 2 more pounds.

With the different hypes of products out there the marketers are inventing new ways to promote their product to look better than the other guy. Market Segmentation While I continue my research on this product I have realized that chirography's plays a huge role in market segmentation because the consumers with the highest desire to be "skinny' at all cost will be the ones that purchase the diet pills.

This form of product seems to appeal to girls moving from as early as 16 years old on up to women pushing late twenties early thirties as the desire and need to look their best is at an all-time high. Female population in general seem to be more pressured into having to look good because of the extremely thin and extremely beautiful women of TV, movies, singing, modeling all seem to portray what all women want to look like and they will strive to do so.

Younger males are also a target for this product as because all women according to ads want the guy with the tight 6 pack stomach. As each consumer has the strong desire to look the way society states they will dig into their pocket books and buy the next up and coming diet pill no matter the cost or the fact they have other responsibilities. Ethical Issue There are many people who say that participating in the taking non-prescription diet pills is not recommended due to the fact you are putting unknown foreign items into your body instead of trying to lose weigh the natural way.

If you think about this for a minute it seems that it is very similar to people who take over the counter medication to help get over a cold instead of allowing the cold to go through the cycle and letting mother nature eventually heal you. A standard disadvantage may be that by taking these foreign ingredients are frowned upon in society standards in the AOL today is to become more natural and less harmful. The need and want to make sure the product is safe for the consumer and that is compliant with the FDA (U. S.

Food and Drug Administration, 2014). Social Responsibility The social responsibility of a market is to recognize the needs of consumers who are trying to reach a common goal which is to be skinny while achieving this the marketers also have a huge responsibility to achieve a profit as that is a primary goal of any business. Profit responsibility is a huge deal because all companies, big or small or always out to make a buck as they have ingredients, workers and dockworkers to pay and dreams of making additional products.

Having responsibility to stakeholders is a huge factor as well because every person involved into a product are all affected if the product does not do well. In the end, social responsibility is a big deal because it is all about the public and what is viewed by everyone alike. Global Marketing and the Internet The one global issue that may occur is the cultural difference involving the true weight average of people in the surrounding countries and how their culture view the ability to lose weight by a "miracle pill". People in Europe and in Japan may look t us in disappointment because the U.

S. Is severely overweight. Taking diet pills may be a Joke to other countries because of their strict diets and lack of eating unhealthy. Recommendation As I have had my fair share of trial and error with diet pills whether I have had them prescribed to me or attempted to try the newest over the counter diet fad, my recommendation has changed after the research I have done and I recommend to say no at any offers from companies who want a company to promote a product Just because it promises to be the miracle diet pill of all time.

Although there is a strong sire to be skinny, the disadvantages of the unknown chemicals of the products are a great risk. A company who wants to promote skinny should promote ways to eat healthy and more exercise is and always will be the best way to be skinny. Executive Summary After countless hours of research and from my own personal experience, I have come to realize that non-prescription weight loss products should not be recommended due to multiple negative side effects, the failure that comes from the gimmicks themselves and the product being overpriced.

The truth is the products attract people who are not happy with they look because of overweight issues and he advertisements always emphasis burning fat, aiding in low carbohydrate diets, enhancing energy, loss of water weight and many other features. Companies like to start with an introduction cost however in order to maintain a possible weight goal you have reached you will end up having to pay the high prices Just too simply maintain.

From television commercials, magazines, internet and the newest in store promotion it is no wonder it draws consumers into buying their product. When these products are made to easily obtain whether it is walking into your local Wall-Mart or ordering them on the internet it is no wonder more and more consumers are more apt to buy the product. The environmental scan does not appear to lean towards on side because a buyer's ultimate satisfaction is the thought of being skinny and while the cost to maintain the skinny looks can become costly.