They have incorporated give-back programs onto their buying processes and have established reduced carbon footprint shipping methods. One niche that sets them apart from other resellers is their book restoration services. Marketing Mix (the four AS) Product: Used bookstores give value-driven customers product at lower costs. Online sales generate book donation literacy programs. Textbooks, eBooks, book restoration services, and other media sales are available online and on location. Book donation program in place for literacy programs with the sale of one book - one book is donated.

Price: Money is exchanged for product sometimes up to 95% off original sites price. New books can be listed for up to 50% off current price depending on availability and future sales. Book restoration services are available. Free international shipping Promotion: Means of communication includes social networks like Twitter and Faceable, sales flyers, online advertising, and newsletter. Social media and sales flyers generate sales promotions of product and other services. Place: Customers may acquire these products at the used bookstore or through the website.

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Environmental Scan Grossmann Books is among a unique and growing group of triple bottom line impasses who understand that profit is not the only way to measure business success. People also matter. And so does the planet on which we all live (wmwbetterworldbooks. Com). The social impact is important because people are generating funding for literacy programs by buying books. Economically, Grossmann books answers equally to customers, employees, the literacy programs they are affiliated with, and stakeholders.

Environmental factors are over 30 million books have been saved from landfills and if homes cannot be found for books there is a recycling program in place. Carbon-neutral shipping is also in place to reduce arbor-footprint. They are partnered with companies who seek innovative improvements in carbon-neutral shipping and packaging to reduce the carbon footprint. Grossmann Books use local postal carriers who use the lowest energy per package generating the least amount carbon. Donations from libraries with unwanted books are always accepted.

Homes will be found for the books or they will be properly recycled. Book donation drop boxes are in select locations so people have access to properly donate unwanted books instead of throwing them away and filling landfills. Drop boxes can be requested by colleges, libraries, and other businesses to alp collect unwanted books. Market Segmentation Demographics show that online book ordering has not been affected by the recent recession. Online book retail, including eBooks, accounted for 44% of all spending by consumers on books in the U. S. In 2012. (www. Straightforwardly. Com). The slowly improving economy has helped with the overall sales of books, new and used, as well as other merchandise offered. Even with the speculation of eBooks eventually replacing traditional books in sales, it is a trend that literacy is Just as important today as it was fifty years ago. Used textbook sales continue to increase as more people are going back to school to earn degrees to improve Job prospects. Online book ordering has more inventories to choose from as traditional bookstores have limited shelf space for inventory.

Ethical Issue There are security and privacy issues that online retailers face. Setting up privacy and security measures helps online customers trust the online services provided by an online marketer. It helps to relieve the doubts in which customers may feel about online shopping. Other privacy issues are data mining from our internet use with social media and purchasing histories. Reconsidering about how we use the Net-? hat we search for, what we read, who we contact-?is intensively and instantaneously "mined" for its value to those who want to sell us something. (Molten, E. 2013).

There are many legal issues an online business needs to consider. For examples, electronic copyright, e-commerce cash and credit policies, international trade rules, tariffs, privacy policies, and security issues. Online marketers must be prepared to deal with the issues related to copyright, intellectual property and other legal matters. Social Responsibility Issue Grossmann Books is committed to being socially responsible through its readerships with literacy programs. For every book bought another book is donated to a literacy program to help people expand their knowledge and education.

Grossmann Books is partnered with global literacy programs to help reach people who do not have access to books to help improve education in third-world countries. It Just makes sense that a bookstore ought to generate funding for these programs, and we do it with every book we sell (wmwbetterworldbooks). Grossmann Books has become a founding a-corporation Joining a list international network of businesses dedicated to setting a new standard for social, as well as environmental, reference. B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Global Marketing and the Internet Global marketing for Grossmann Books has a huge possibility as it already offers free international shipping. Product adoption would also enhance the advancement into the global market. Amazon UK is a global division of the parent entity Amazon. Com that reaches other countries (www. Amazon. Com). Products would have to adapt for the market identity of the other countries. The promotion message would also need to be changed for the new global product extension. One are of change would be the types of books inventoried to culture differences.

Distribution or shipping methods would not be much of a problem as free international shipping is already a key component of the company. Recommendation It is my opinion that Grossmann Books would make a great potential client. They are already established and have strong social and ethical standards for their commitment to partnered literary programs. Grossmann Books is passionate about maintaining a "green environment" and are constantly striving to improve carbon- auteur shipping practices. There is potential growth for Grossmann Books within the online market in the United States and a strong future for global prospects.

Executive Summary After researching the Grossmann Bookstore I would personally recommend this company as a client. This company is innovative with its social and economic issues towards communities, stakeholders, employees, and partnered global literacy programs. Grossmann Books shows strong social and economic issue with one book for a book program they have in place to help global literacy programs. They have come a founding a-corporation Joining other international purpose-driven businesses dedicated to setting new standards for social and environmental performance.

Grossmann Books is always looking to achieve a carbon neutral method of shipping product and partners itself with cutting-edge businesses that use innovative shipping and packaging methods in helping the environment by not leaving carbon footprints. The growth potential for this company to go global is tremendous as it already has international shipping methods in place. Changing advertising would enhance product adoption for this company. Recognition of ultra differences in product promotion would promote sales and increase global recognition of the company.