Which impression did the international sales manager make on the purchasing manager? Since the Singapore was send by the company, he didn't search for any cultural and business behavior of Swedish, so first he decided to ask for an advisement in how he should behave at the moment of his presentation.

Some how he has a clear vision on how he could make it, even do, he didn't focus in all the points he should take care, but what really stress the decision of the purchasing manager to decide to onto be part of the purchase was the lack of knowledge of the Singapore that didn't take the time of investigate of basic information of the Swedish history or the unselfishness attitude of the sales manager of knowing a little of the Swedish culture. What could the international sales manager have done to avoid the cultural clash?

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In the case of the international sales manager, he could basically read more about the culture and behavior of Sweden also he could easily be more polite and ask for ore information instead of been selfish and doesn't show more interest of what people want to tell. What could the local purchasing manager have done to avoid the cultural clash? He could easily notice that the sales manager wasn't prepared since he arrived In the way more Swedish make business, he could ask for someone more prepared or trying to be more polite and ask If the person didn't want to know about what he was trying to say.