This report will study a survey of 200 respondents regarding their blood donation experience and associated BBD services. To conduct statistical study of survey data, this report will first determine the variable scales being used for corresponding questionnaire questions. Based on the type of variable scale, descriptive analysis will be conducted in terms of demographic, blood donation, BBD membership and usage, attitudes towards blood donation, satisfaction with BBD and performance of BBD. Marketing recommendations will be provided based on descriptive analysis results to help BBD to improve its marketing strategy and performance.

Determination of Variable Scales  Definitions for Variable Scales Based on the definitions provided by Stat Trek (2012), the measurement scales being used in this questionnaire can be defined as follows: 1. Nominal Scale: A variable scale with the weakest power of measurement is mainly used to classify things into categories. 2. Ordinal Scale: A variable scale that can be used to imply ranking yet this scale does not always use equally spaced intervals like interval scale. A higher observation can imply higher value of measurement and a zero point can be an arbitrary point for the lowest possible measurement.

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3. Interval Scale: A variable scale that is used when measurement intervals are equally spaced. An absolute zero is not used. 4. Ratio Scale: A variable scale that is similar to interval scale only that ratio scales can have an absolute zero measurement. Over 80% of the respondents are members of BBD. And Over 80% of the members have donated blood at the BBD. This indicates that a majority of the BBD have used their BBD membership when they need to donate blood.

Attitudes towards Blood Donation The data has below shown people’s attitudes towards blood donation. Descriptive data in the table has shown that besides the first question, most people have chosen 0 (disagree) when answering why they donate blood. Therefore, membership benefits, coverage for blood costs and community support are not the main reasons that contribute to blood donation and joining of BBD membership. The main motivations for respondents to donate blood and join BBD membership are having assurance for having bloods available for themselves and their families.

Assurance that blood will be there for me when I need it / when my family needs it  The Blood Bank of Delmarva makes me feel appreciated for donating blood As BBD has achieved mean and median close to 5 (extremely good performance) for all of the top 8 attributes for blood donation, it is considered BBD has achieved high overall performance in providing blood donation services. The following bar-charts have further confirmed BBD’s high performance showing that everyone has commented positively on BBD’s performance and there is a large majority has chosen “extremely good performance” when answer the survey.

Marketing ImplicationBased on demographic profile developed by statistical analysis, it is shown that BBD’s target segment should consist of Caucasians with high education level and high household income. This target segment should also be long-term local residents in the community with their own families and social circle. As one of the strongest motivation for blood donation is to make blood available for families and the community, by targeting a market segment with strong tights with the community can help BBD to increase blood donation. Besides focusing on a target segment, BBD should also focus on changing its membership program.

Members should be provided with more benefits and privileges so they can feel that they belong to a special group and their contribution is appreciated by BBD and the community. If BBD can improve its member commitment, member referral and blood donation frequency can be increased to improve BBD’s performance. Besides providing more benefits to members, BBD can improve members’ sense of belonging by creating more interaction and communication with its members. Internet forum and social media networks are digital tools that BBD can use to build a virtual community. As members feel more engaged and have a stronger sense of belonging, they are more likely to donate blood and refer their friends and families to donate blood.


In conclusion, the respondents of this survey are mostly satisfied with BBD’s services and consider BBD to have high performance in most aspects of blood donation services. Based on statistical study of this survey, it is shown that BBD can improve its marketing strategy by targeting a particular market segment – long-term residents of the community, Caucasians with high education level and high household income, married with at least child. Besides focusing its marketing effort on this particular market segment, BBD should also improve its membership program to make its members more feeling more appreciated and committed to BBD’s good cause. BBD can also improve members’ sense of belonging through creating a virtual community in which members can interact and communicate more frequently with BBD.