Therefore by evaluating the performance of marketing activities, we are continuously learning and therefore allow us to do better campaign and understand how our target audience interacts with the various touch points and messages we are broadcasting. Most businesses spend large amount of money for the promotion of their business whether it is online or offline to their customers. For "La Croquette Hotel", we must do an evaluation of the existing off and online marketing activities In order to know whether we should adopt new marketing strategies to be able to Increase the overnight stay at "La Corselets Hotel" by ten percent.

Firstly we need to evaluate the online marketing activities as with the growth in the use of the internet in recent years, there has been a huge shift in marketing activities to the online space. We need to know whether the current online marketing activities are correct or not so that we can adopt new marketing actively. Firstly we need to analyze whether "La Croquette Hotel" has a powerful website. In order for the website to be powerful it should contain all relevant information about the hotel so that customers are aware about the facilities the hotel is providing.

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If this is not the case, therefore, we will have to improve the website so that we are able to attract users. Moreover, In order to be able to Increase the overnight stay by 10%, we should be more active on social media such as Faceable, Twitter and so on so that we can attract more customers by providing our service online. Moreover, on the other hand we should also do an evaluation for the offline marketing activities to know whether the past and the present offline marketing actively have been efficient or not.

Offline promotion is essential for obtaining a competitive advantage over other competitors. One of the main offline marketing is Brand awareness. Activities such as rod of mouth, consumer appreciation and print advertising help to build brand recognition and Increase visibility. Offline marketing can be advertising where the marketers introduce their facilities through magazine advertising. This help to target a large number of customers as every people will have access to this.

Therefore through advertising it will be easier to increase the overnight stay. Differences between offline and online marketing activities. When we think of reaching the customers both online and offline marketing have got their own advantages and disadvantages. In case of offline marketing large staffs have to be maintained to penetrate the market and the Initial expenses could be quite high. On the other hand in case of online marketing, marketing Is totally dependent on the extent of accesses to the internet.

Nowadays on can have accesses to the internet in 1 OFF electricity supply runs short then the website is not accessible and so the market penetration is quite easy but still dependent on the speed of the internet, working of the server and. Usually the online marketing is very helpful at approaching the clients or customers into their homes Just through a click thus making it easier for the companies to contact them later.

On the contrary if the company representative was asked to approach the customer it would take a lot of time and effort because he would have to first contact the person on phone, seek his her appointment and then present the product or services to the prospective client or customer. In some cases it would become necessary for the marketing representative to carry the product to the office or residence of the prospective customer. If we think of product promotion, the online marketing turns out to be better than the offline marketing. The online marketing is not only economical than the offline marketing but also faster than that.