Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating, and satisfying customer requirements profitably. Now let me introduce Nixon According to the camera's function, price, Onion's production can be divided into 3 levels. The First level is high-end camera, including high-end digital SSL cameras, film SSL cameras and some camera accessories, such as FAX, XX format lenses and flashlight. Not only they are advance in technology, but also they have amazing price, let me show you

The second level is mid-range camera, it is digital SSL camera. There are many different models of camera, such as DID, 70TH, and so on. Their prices are acceptable. The third level is low-end camera, it is digital compact camera. They are quite colorful, smart and cheap. Target market Firstly is fresh man. There are a lot of people buy camera Just for trip and self- portrait. First of all they do not like to pay much money for camera. And then, they need a compact camera instead of take a lot of professional equipment like him.

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Moreover, the camera must be easy to operate. So the low-end cameras are target at fresh man. Secondly Is amateur. On one hand, these people can afford a piece of equipment which are a little expensive, on the other hand, they also require the equipment can shot nice photos. So the mold-range cameras are target at amateur. Thirdly Is for professional reporters and scientific Institute. They need high-tech equipment, but they almost do not care the equipment's price. So the high-end cameras are target at professional reporters and excellently Institute.