This advertisement was built to yank my attention away from the road and make me think about the beer. The content, framing, angle, focus, lighting, texture, and significance were all carefully designed to make me want this product. Every little piece of content on this billboard has a job. The layout of the image included the paradise beach scene with a frosty beer in the sand and a woman in a bikini lying in the water. Although the advertisement is promoting Corona Extra, it seemed as if It were promoting a provocative young lady lying in the water.

She seemed more prominent than the beer. The lady was the center of attention while the beer was placed In the lower right hand corner. Everything was placed purposely in the boundaries of the frame. The women was mid-center lying half in the water half in the sand, the beer was nicely placed to where the logo was visible half in the sand and the catch phrase was placed in the left corner. The slogan read, "Find your beach. " The slogan was in the same font as the logo on the beer but bowled enough to where you can read it on a quick drive by.

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The sun was reflecting perfectly off the blue waters and the nicely shaped body In the blank, as they were the center of attention. In the background stood a few palm trees crowded together and the Corona and lime diagonal. The whole billboard was arranged evenly and symmetrical. Every piece of the image seemed to be distributed nicely and organized, there were no overlapping elements and nothing in the image was unclear. The photograph was taken from a straight-on angle as if you were about to walk Into the ocean.

This angle made the composition of the picture realistic. Light Is also essential In all photographs. It Illuminates the scene and the subject. The lighting on the women's body was as brightly 11th as it possibly could be. Perhaps the light portrayed the sun beaming down on her. The ocean water also had a bright light on it as the sun was reflecting off of the water and on to the body. The foreground, which was the sand, had more of a dull lighting on it, most likely because the sand did not have as much significance.

Reflection of sunlight on the beer bottle made the lulls In the beer a shiny golden color and the lime almost a florescent green. The bottle also created a shadow on the sand due to the sunny day. Towards the bottle of the glass bottle the lighting was softer. The palm trees in the background were brightly lit on the top front and had more of a dim light towards he bottom of the roots. The sun, which was the main light, did not really hit the bottom of the palm trees. If the sun were not so bright the image would have been would not have been created, and the women would not have been as brightly lit.

Photographers can create a particular mood using lighting Just like they created the sunny day feeling in this image. A mix of lowlights and highlights created all the shadows and textures within the image. Texture in an image is very important. Although texture is something you feel, photographers are very good and making you visually feel it. Images suggest they eave texture when physically they do not. It is all visual texture. In the Corona Extra advertisement one particular item that stood out was the sand.

The sand was very detailed and grainy, the white sand almost looked like shredded crystals. It was so pure looking I visualized stepping in it and the powder-like sand seeping between my toes. The glass beer bottle had a frosted look to it, as if it was Just pulled out of an ice cooler. This visual texture most likely put "an ice cold beer" in many peoples minds, an idea or feeling that is not present with a cursory glance. The water was a baby blue color that made me wants to dive right in and the reflection of the sun made it sparkle on top.

Oily was the definition of the women's body; it looked like someone Just layered a whole bottle of tanning lotion to her backside. The shine of the oil also enhanced her tan body. Her body looked to feel like a slimy snake. Although the beer bottle was the focus point in the advertisement, the women seemed to be more prominent in the billboard. Images are everywhere whether you realize it or not. All of these images also have more meaning than anyone could imagine. Billboards particularly are meant to strict people and yank their attention away from the road.

The content of this image was everything in the picture, the sand, water, body, and beer. These items all had great significance to them. Lighting helps make the image appealing and helps create texture within the image. The texture is how the image looks like it would feel. Every image suggests a perspective. Many times people will be driving down a highway and not look up but then again the images do draw attention to many other people. Photographers do not Just set up a prop and snap a picture, there is a lot more to their Job. Every piece of the image has meaning.