The key to the ingredient of the marketing management is through the process of planning the marketing strategy and creativity will be the guide in all marketing activities of the company. Based on case study Hello I'm going to assess the company background to the case problems and opportunities, to find a way of characteristic the attributes off Travel Agent environment. The case Is all about Hulled Online Travel faces several challenges In penetrating the Hong Kong market.

While Hong Kong enjoys one of the highest Internet penetration rate In the world, Its tech-saws people are perplexing wary of transacting business online. Hulled situates Itself In this kind of market, where people generally shun e-businesses, Including alarm travel bookings, for perceiving It as a high-risk trade to seeing It as second only to the traditional marketplace. In less than a decade, Hulled has expanded Into ten markets across Asia, Including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and South Korea, among others with the benefit of each area having TTS own localized websites.

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The findings of the study will be presented in three categories: current travel arrangement process, advantages of online reservations and disadvantages of online reservations. Moreover, people felt that risks are too high for any potential benefits, and that Hulled was seen to be in the league of online travel agencies and not with the traditional brick-'n-mortar agents. Majority of the respondents had never used Hula's Hong Kong website, and for a few who had eared of it, the website was a mere repository of information and a tool to compare prices for them.

The initial results are useful in exploring how people perceived the Hulled brand but as noted in the case study they are not conclusive of the public perception in Hula's target market. Given a Job to map out a research marketing strategy for Hulled using a quantitative approach, I believe that an objective analysis of the market should be done first and foremost, which entails knowing three key areas of the business: customers, competencies and competition.