Why does the Lieutenant stare at the woods after he has been wounded?
A. The person in the woods shot him
Mark twain is the most celebrated ------ in American history
A. Humorist
When the narrator speaks of something that my "precipitate the tragedy, he means that it may
A. Cause the tragedy
In 1907, Twain recevided an honorary degree from
A. Oxford
What was Mark Twain's greatest boyhood dream?
A. Riverboat pilot
Growing up in ----- influenced twain's writing
B. Hannibal, Missouri
In an episode of war, what happens before the Lieutenant is reunited with his family
C. He has lost his wounded arm through amputation
In which sentence is the meaning of the word disdainfully suggested
B. A surgeon speak scornfully about the Lieutenant wound
Which of these statements describes why an episode of war is a naturalistic story?
B. The characters cannot control events
In the undertakers chat Twain use the word corpse. The word refers to
B. The dead body
How does the doctor's attitude toward the Lieutenant change when he notices that the Lieutenant is wounded?
C. He becomes more disdainful
What is the setting of an episode of war, based on the use of horses?
D. The civil war
Ernest Hemingway wrote that all modern literature comes from one book by Mark Twain which he stated was
C. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
What was mark twain's real name?
A. Samuel Clemmons
Which of these is the most sinister?
B. An evil villain
Twain use dialect in his stories because
A. It was humorous and helped in the telling of the story
An episodes of war focuses on a wounded ____, rather than on an aggregation of wounded soldiers
A. Individual
Twain's speech on the babies was meant
A. To focus on the value of what the adults of the time had learned and how they should pass it on to the young
In an episode of war which historical description helps you predict what will happen to the lieutenant's arm?
B. The description of the medical facilities
In an episode of war, which element shows that soldiers become friends during wartime?
B. How the men treat the wound Lieutenant
What general did twain help write his memoirs so that his family would benefit from the money?
C. Ulysses Grant
What serves as a hospital in an episode of war?
C. An old schoolhouse
The use of dialect is
D. All of the choices are true
The short story the undertakers chat was
C. A humorous look at death that had a message to it
Which element of an episode of war helps identify the historical setting of the story
D. The use of swords as a weapon in war