Evil has many faces. One of these includes racism and the injustices which many people have had to face. The following are some of the injustices which have occured and been documented.

Between the years of 1923 and 1947 many chinese were sent to canada to work in order to support themselves and their families in china. Men from China and Hong Kong went to Canada while leaving behind wives and children. Many jobs were open to the chinese but most, if not all, were low paying dangerous jobs. Such as working on the railway. The chinese were often used for cheap labor. This continued on for many years. The injustices toward the chinese were fading. Douglas Jung had become the first Chinese MP, and the British Columbia China town had become more and more populated. This was the end of the exclusion act.

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Auschwitz was one of many concentration camps in the 1930's and 40's. Many famillies men, women and children would gather all their belongings and set off to this new place of work. Only to find a prison. A place surrounded by barbed wire and electrical fences. A place where prisoners had no rights, and would never come out alive. This concentration camp alone had millions of victims. Then came a man by the name of Rudolph Verba. A strong man who knew his destiny was not to be murdered in such a camp. Then on the seventh of April, 1944 Rudolph and two other men set out to make their plan of escape work. With help from people inside the camp and a well thought out plan Rudolph was able to escape. He went up the river towards the Slovakian Mountains until he came upon a woman who would help him. As an unsaid rule in these days people would not exchange names or very much information. This way no one could name any names if they were to be interogated. Rudolph helped many people in the Auschwitz camp, although many were already murdered and some were too weak to live even after being released from the concentration camp.

In both of the documentaries which we viewed, the themes were very much alike. Both were about the injustices and slavery which had been set upon so many people. Another injustice was that of the Jewish people. Many years ago jewish people were made to stay in a confined place, were not permitted to speak with non-Jewish people, and were required to abide by a curfew.

Fortunately these problems are a lot less fequent and harsh than in the past. Although not completely gone from our lives, the only possible thing that can stop this completely and prevent such incidents from occuring again is to stay well informed, and keep others well informed of these terrible things. Even if we feel it's better to forget all together.