Four of the six Faded impasses were recognized as the best in five categories. More than 6,175 readers of Logistics Management magazine ranked carriers on the basis of flue key criteria: on-time performance, value, Information technology, customer service, and equipment 8. Operations. The SSP providers are rated on different criteria: carrier selection & negotiation, order fulfillment, transportation distribution, Inventory management, and logistics ;matronly systems (Faded- Quality Awards... 013). " Faded also takes pride In Its social responsibility to people in this world. Just in the sat two weeks Faded is working on ways to help the people of the Nepal earthquake. One story that I researched also shows Faded social responsibility and resources. "For Awash, who lives in Iambi. India, eyesight is probably not something he takes for granted. Awash was born with isotropic, a condition that caused one of his eyes to turn in a different direction.

Isotropic not only affected Sash's vision. But also his ability to learn and his self-esteem. Because Awash lived in extreme poverty, there was no opportunity for his eyesight to be repaired. Until it was determined that e qualified for a free surgery through Orbit, a non-profit organization dedicated to treating and preventing blindness-?an organization that Faded supports. While Faded. As a company, supports Orbit. Our Faded team member, Primal Warty, had a bigger vision. (Submarine, R. , 2014). She went the extra mile to organize a search party to help ensure an a-year-old Iambi boy was On track for his necessary eye surgery You wont find that in any corporate guidebook or instruction manual That takes heart, that Faded and their employees show social responsibility',q Faded internal weakness is continuing to be the same issues that they mentioned 'n the text. Fuel prices and labor prices are constantly changing The fringe benefits for the health care for the Faded employees are extremely high.

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Faded prides itself on their employee and therefore to keep great worker you have to financially give them a reason to stay. Another weakness that the text spoke of was the company's contractors and lawsuits that drivers of Ground/Home Delivery are to be independent owners and operators, rather than employees of the company. The lawsuit has taken toll on Faded financial. ;Faded drivers have won some significant legal battles recently.