Mrs.. Muscular pointed out the definition of a leaderships as the process by which a person to use his or her skills or knowledge to direct or influence other people to accomplished a common goal or set mission and she describe her leadership style as a person that like to participate effectively with her team, whenever project is going on or during a working hour.

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She made mentioned to me that she like to get involved with her team during a project so that she can understand the difficulties her team have to go true, in other for her to know how to direct them for proper execution of that project. Mrs.. Muscular doesn't like to command people to work all the time; she loves to work with her team, so that she can see the involvement of her team during a project. She always wants to learn from her team. She believe that in a managerial level, a manager cannot make all research alone to accomplish a mission I. E. Employees skills will be use along with her own skills to achieve their research objective.

In addition, Mrs.. Muscular like to plan her work also she is a democratic manager, she doesn't like a micro managing and she always like to equipped her team so that they can use the skills to accomplished the work she assign for them ND more so in other for them to learn from their past mistakes. Personally, she believes that as a leader she has a key strength such as honestly, integrity, ability to empower her employees, because she believes that her employees own her a high accountability and she also allow her employees to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes.

As a leader she always tries to keep up her technical skills and continuously seeking for more training to improve her self personally and also to improve the service she renders for the institution or to the company she is serving. Mrs.. Than Muscular pointed out her personal philosophy of her leadership as the process of maintaining a good balance I. E. To maintain a good balance in a working life and in a personal life.

She further explained that as a leader, she respect her employees personal life, because she knows that behind a working time of her employees they have a personal or family life to work on too and whenever they made a mistake she always look at the mistakes and work with them on how they can improve on their mistakes. Mrs.. Muscular made an emphasizes on how she learn and developed her leadership style. According to her, she told me about some arguments that says either someone is born as a leader or is not born as a leader and to her she believes that leadership is a learning process.

She looks at two things firstly, she looks at the trait secondly, she looks at the skills. She further explained to be that, when she listens to someone she will definitely know if the person has good verbal communications skills, very straight to the point and very clearly and to her that is a skill. On the other side, she said someone can be born as a leader through physical appearance and to her that is a trait. She further told me that she learned her leadership style from schools, training, and seminar, her Job, observing and following great leader's steps and by attending conference regularly. KEY LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES Mrs..

Muscular, made me to understand that for a leader to distinguishes he or her from other managers he or she must have a vision, must be able to think globally, he or she must be able to carry compassion with people and company he or she is working with, must be very intelligent, must have people oriented skills, must be decisive, should be able to make a good decisions, he or she must be able to adapt to hang and finally he or she must ensure to think outside of the box ,because if he or she think only inside of the box everyone knows what is inside of the box, so by thinking outside that distinguishes he or she from other managers.

According to her, Steve Job the Apple CEO has been her mentor and she chooses Steve Job, because of his level of vision, his leadership style, his high level of dedication and the way he change technology image as at today. She further told me that, Steve Job left a lot of works for Apple to do for more years to come. As the interview continues, Mrs.. Muscular pointed out the skills she acquired and which have been most helpful to her. For example, she made mentioned about her open minded skills, her honesty at work, and her ability to listen to others and way of respecting others.

Mrs.. Muscular talks about the strategy that could be helpful in leading a diverse workforce; she said as a manager, he or she must understand his or her employee's personality, religion, ethic background, culture, praise the employees whenever they work diligently, he or she must make work environment more lively, he or she must use the same standard of ark policy with young and older employees at work and he or she must be able to build a good relationship with the employees, so that they can be more loyal. Mrs..

Muscular really made me to understand that, her style of motivating her employees when times are tough is by showing more appreciations whenever her employees are working very well I. E. By making the work environment looks more fun and be more cheerful to employees, so that they can easily forget their hard time at work. According to Mrs.. Than Muscular, she lay some emphases on how she use to figure UT a right direction to take her organization and she told me that as a manager once she know her organizational goal and objective, then she will develop a project plan or action plan.

She also made me to understand that she always trains and equipped her people to break the action plan into smaller pieces. She always looks at her present company project plan and future plan as well. She further told me that once she knows where her organization is going she will train her people toward the organization mission and utilizes her resources I. E. Her employee's skills and knowledge to fill the gap of the organization mission.

The most important lessons she leaned about leadership is how to understand peoples personality, understanding her own strengths and weaknesses, learning from her mistakes , how to adapt to change in working environment, lean to be an optimist and leaned how to ask people about suggestions. According to her she think the most difficult aspect of been a leader is when people have a high expectation from a leader and they want a leader to know all the answers to a question and sometimes leaders doesn't know all answers to some question.

She advice all leaders of tomorrow to always listen to a structures and they should not over enjoy their power, they should always care about their people and treat their people with respect, they should set a clear expectations and follow up their expectation, they should give enough time for work done, they should motivate their people and treat their people very nice. Finally, she doesn't consider herself as a manager, but she consider herself as part of a team and she always want to understand the whole project so that she can help her team to have a brilliant project.

INSIGHT The interview as really made me to understand different techniques and tragedies managers use to team up with their employees in other for them to have a common set of goal. For instance, Mrs.. Muscular told me that once she knows her company objective she will utilize her resources firstly, she said she will need to train her resources before use them for the project. Another thing I gained from the interview is how to understand employee's personality, ethnic background and religion I thought as a manager I don't need to care about that, but I Just found out now.

When I become a manager in future I can easily use this knowledge I gained now to work with my team. Furthermore, the interview has really changed my orientation in terms of getting more involvement in a team work, having a good vision for myself, makes me to have a strong adaptive mind to change in any working environment and makes me to be flexible in a working environment. Finally, when I become a manager in future I will always consider myself as a part of a team, but I will not count myself as a leader that is going to be my own principle of leadership style.

OBSERVATION What I really observed about Mrs.. Muscular is that, she is a kind of leader that practice open door policy for all her people I. E. She always like her department to kook more fun and also she like to get involve in any project her department is working on, so that she can easily point out the difficulties her people might be facing duenna project work. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 1) ABIDJAN FASHION: Tell me about your self? MRS.. THAN MUSCULAR: My name is Than Muscular, am from Vietnam. I am the Information Technology Service Manager of Texas Woman's University Denton, Texas.

My major duties and responsibilities is that, I ensure the university technical support service is very effective and more so, I manage employee's relations matters and salary administration of my department such as payroll. I arrived to United State of America in 1982. When I arrived to united state I have no relative over here in the state. When I was in my country I have one goal in mind that I will like to come over to united state to further my education. When I decide to come, I went to the American embassy in my country and they ask me, where in the state I will like to further my education, but I couldn't give them any answer.

Later on, I made a research with an institution that offer federal loans and grant, then I choose university of University of Wisconsin, that is how I ended up schooling at the university. I Joined the university n 1982 and I started working for the institution in 1983. I finished my program with the university in 1985 with bachelors of computer science. I stay in Wisconsin for arrears before I Joined Texas Woman's University In October year 2000 as the university informational technology service manager.