Management information system is used for businesses like hotels , restaurant and other establishment for them to make their Job easy and to minimize the time they work for their business. Most big chains today have system . Each provides a suite of applications to assist the stores managers in business forecasting inventory management and human resources management. Such system alert managers potential problems and are networked with headquarters to enable the company to monitor individual store performance.

When pizza hut Inc. Penned its electronic storefront on the internet world wide web last august the project may have like information system bidding around while Romano cheese burns . Which corporate profits down 15 percent of the year pizza huts pilot initially limited to resident of Santa Cruz California generated fewer than 10 orders per week that barely covered court of the PC server says Dan Cooke , vise president of MIS at pizza hut a subsidiary of Pepsi co. Inc. In purchase in new York .

Yet Cooke sees the company forecast into cyberspace as a success and pizza hut is he world ordering in ordering in other markets . "Our goal is to be where ever our customers are". He says pizza hut is the world no. 1 chain in its food specialty in revenue and considered an information technology leader in the fast food chain business . As the result filing and retaining customers world widest become the new MANTRA of corporate strategist at Wichita Kansas based pizza hut . According to chief operation officer . He company has been "operation driven" .