Washington-based consultant and former airline executive, believes that each side would be much better off if they gave their workers lower annual salaries along with bonuses if he airline prospers. "In an industry like this [,] that's always under pressure, it's a common-sense approach," Glass says. (USA Today, 2009) The crisis of bankruptcy, and the downward spiral resulting from it, is shaping a new culture of the airline industry filled with bitter employees who feel unappreciated and unfairly paid. The scope of this culture reaches to every flight, every airport, and every domicile. It is banding employees together, but not in the way that United ever had anticipated or desired.

Where there is unity among employees, who are joining forces against authority, there is a lack of unity present now between employees and their managers, as well as corporate United. Management and Leadership Market control played am important role in forming the different sectors that United Airlines offers. United Airlines offers six types of services designed to keep the airline competitive. First, the Global Network, focused on the portfolio of products and services that are unique to each of the different customer groups, which uses Market Control to gauges pricing variations and.

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Next Economy Plus, which offers an upgrade of more legroom. Also, United Express, which caters to the regional and provides more than 1,700 scheduled flights in the United States and in Canada. Another service that proved to be in demand was the Premium Service (P. S. ) flight, primarily trans-continental and caters to VIP and highly-valued customers. Also offered is United Airlines Cargo, which gives their customers guaranteed same-day domestic and international shipping that offers options for small packages in addition to heavy freight. United Air Lines, 2009) Lastly, the Star Alliance has succeeded in making United Airlines a more globally-known carrier by teaming up with some of the world’s top airlines. This network is now the largest global airline alliance, and has offered connections for passengers and cargo customers to over 965 world destinations in around 162 countries. Some of United Airline’s well-known partners include: Air Canada Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airlines, and Air New Zealand, just to name a few.

All of United’s Star Alliance partners are complete participants in the lucrative Mileage Plus Program, which offers customers a chance to earn miles as they fly which can later be retrieved and reused for other flights and is the runner-up to being the most successful loyalty programs worldwide with 54 million global members. (United Air Lines, 2009) The system of governance at United Airlines is a straightforward Bureaucratic control. At the core of their governance are principles that are the foundation for investor and shareholder respect and trust.