Word Count: 410As I finished reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare I realized the true reason that Macbeth is considered a tragic hero. Like all other tragic heros he had many good things going for him in his life before he messes with self- destructing things and threw it all away.

Macbeth had a great marriage, he was Thane of Glamis, the people and the king respected him and he was well liked. He was a generally happy person without much greed or jealousy in his life. This was until evil and the devil overcame him. He started getting greedy and wanted more. Once the thought of being king entered his head and once he shared that with his wife, there was no turning back. He was bound to destruction.
Macbeth was weak because he allowed his wife saying that he was not a true man get to him. He had to prove to his wife that he was a man and his only way of doing that was through murder. Even though he had hesitations and second thoughts about it, he did it out of love for his wife and the possibility of his triumph; he may actually become king. He allowed this to become an obsession and he did end up killing Duncan, his king. This started him down the road of doom. He suddenly had a very evil streak that was never there before and this was revealed more often than ever. He began letting the evil take over and murdering more and more people thinking that he was only saving himself. What he did not realize was that he was only harming himself in the long run. He was driving himself mad and he was no longer himself.
Macbeth was just like other tragic heros such as Elvis Presley. Elvis had much going for him and he thought that the drugs and alcohol were helping him deal with his stress and fame but in the long run it killed him. He lost his life. Macbeth thought all along that he was only helping himself and his wife but in the long run he lost Lady Macbeth and his own life.

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Macbeth had no mercy. He murdered, he deceived, and he did not care. In the end he hurt himself and lost everything, just as every tragic hero does.