Love is the most important aspect of human life as we know it. The reasons are because it is one of the only things that can not be bought with any amount of money so it makes it a very scarce resource. If love would have a price tag it would be for an infinite amount of dollars, pounds, or even pesos. Some people live their whole life looking for a " true love" some are lucky and find it. Some live their life la vida loca and have never found the time to find a true love. Others get tired of waiting and get married without love. Love has not changed at all over the course of history and this makes it the most important emotion in the human mind, body and soul.

Over time the definition of love and what it is has been debated and argued over, but in most cases the answer is very similar. "True love is like two rivers that meet and merge, intertwining completely into one, then flowing on together. True love cannot be buried; but once unselfishly rooted it will grow forever." Quote on quote true love does exist but unfortunately is not found by all.
During Plato and Socrates years it was harder to make a clear definition of love due to the fact that most people didn't have a chance to find their perfect match. Due to the politics involved in arranged marriages people didn't have a good chance to meet the person of their dreams and whom they really loved. This gave some sour views of love and the concept of true love. The lower class in the early days was the luckiest class of that time period because they had a chance to seek out the person they wanted to be with because it wasn't important if a merchants' son married a farmers' daughter, but if a prince fell in love with a farmers' daughter the chance of them being able to be together was impossible.
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Plato completely understood love and this is why he never got married. He was a great philosopher and communicated and learned from of great philosophers ex. Socrates and Aristotle. Plato believed that love got people hooked and got them to do abnormal things. "Love is a serious mental disease." and then he goes on to say "Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the gods." This shows that he understood love more than most people at the time most likely through the Socratic method of asking questions to find a true answer that suited him, he just wasn't able to find love so he didn't bother with getting involved with a woman, settling down and having children. Plato also had other loves, a love for knowledge and writing. This could have been more important to him than seeking a wife and having a family. It might have been that he had bad experiences with love or that he felt an obligation to the world to produce writings that would help people for ever.

The true meaning of love like what is the meaning of life is one of the questions that will remain unsolved forever. But right now the love is a great thing that should be embraced, treasured and forever valued as on of the greatest things of all time. Even members of the church like Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II have tried to define it. Mother Teresa said "Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand." clearly she believes that anyone and everyone is capable of falling in love and being in love. Pope John Paul II believes that the worst thing that could happen to some in life is not being in love "The worst prison would be a closed heart" coming from a holy man that must be celibacy his whole life and a very holy man his love was for god
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