Love Is Like A Rose LOVE IS LIKE A ROSE Some compare love to all kinds of things. I say, love is like a rose. Foremost, a rose symbolizes loveliness, which stems from love. The rose is the most beautiful of all flowers and love is the most precious emotion. A rose commences from a tiny rosebud into an unexplainable beauty, an undiminished rose.

Likewise love starts like an ink dot and eventually spreads out into an enchanting and exalted relationship. Sometimes when looking at a rose, it seems so peaceful and perfume scented but in order to pick a rose you have to go through innumerable prickles. In like manner, Whoever forgot to add the thorns to the bed of roses that love is said to be? Love is so immaculate, yet to get to that purity of love various obstacles are encountered. Roses come in many colors; the colors of love are countless. The colors of a rose are usually light colored, just as love, love wouldn't be a dark color, or it wouldn't be love, it would be something dark, opposite to love.

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It is necessary for a rose to acquire nourishment, fertilization and purification for continuos blooming; it is the same with love. For love to progress, attention and care is essential. Just as a neglected rose will finally whither and dye, so will love if there isn't enough interest and compatibility, between two people. If given enough time, concern and belief when growing a rose, its tree will continue blooming forever. Similarly, if you have patience, take time and have faith into developing the true love, it can last 'till eternity.

See a rose, think of love. Feel love, remember a rose. English Essays.