Removing the Boundaries to Education Your Application Guide Please carefully read this guide to avoid delays in the application process. Deadlines All students are advised to apply at least 6 weeks before the course start date. Personal Information Please let us know if your contact details such as permanent and term time addresses, telephone numbers, e mail address, etc. Change. Course Details Please check carefully whether you have met the entry requirements for your chosen course.

Most of our courses require students to have a combination of educational as well as employment qualifications (such as work experiences). Educational Information Please state your educational qualification starting most recent first. If you have not yet completed your qualification, please state the proposed completion date. We require you to submit copies of all your certificates and mark sheets with your application form. Please do not send the originals; we only require attested copies of your documents.

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If your documents re not in English, please include a translated copy with your application form. Minimum IT Requirements Students are expected to have a good internet connection to access the study platform. English Language Proficiency If you are a non-native English speaker, you are required to submit evidence of your ability to communicate in English. This can be done by an independently verified English language test such as LILTS, Cambridge Certificate, etc. Please send the attested copies of such certificates with your application form.

Employment Information Please provide us details of your work experiences, starting from the most recent. Please mention clearly your duties and responsibilities with specific attention given to any tasks that are relevant for your chosen course. Please also mention clearly the start and end dates of your experiences. Also mention whether they are full time, part time or internships. Please also include copies of any work reference letters to support the activities that you have mentioned under "duties and responsibilities".

Fee Information The minimum course fee must be paid before a place s offered. If you are planning to apply for sponsorship or a bank loan, please tick the appropriate box under 'Course Fees'. We will then issue you a conditional offer email confirming your eligibility for your chosen study programmer and the fees, enabling you to apply for your funds. Otherwise, tick 'Self-funded'. Please also budget for any potential exam reset fees, as these are not included in the initial course price. If you are a LAP student, the fees should be paid to the LAP.