May cause an increase in serum blurring, SST, and ALT. Drug-Drug: Alcohol, antidepressants, antihistamines, other painlessness's, anthropoid analgesics; concurrent use results in increased CANS depression. Coincident, hormonal contraceptives, dissimilar, Florentine, agonized, coeducational, metropolis, propylene, proportional, or Valparaiso acid may decrease metabolism and increase toxicity of salmonella. May decrease efficacy of leopard. Reframing or barbiturates may increase metabolism and decrease effectiveness. Sedative effects may be decreased by Diophantine.

May increase serum phenotype levels. Phenotype may decrease levels. Drug-Food: No known interactions Drug-Herb: Concomitant use of kava-kava, valerian, or chamomile can increase CANS depression. Lubricates (Keeper) 500 MGM Partial onset seizures (adjunct). Primary generalized tonic-clinic seizures (adjunct) (immediate-release and injection only). Monoclinic seizures in patients with Juvenile monoclinic epilepsy (adjunct) (immediate-release and injection only) 1 1113/13 Safe dose: less than 3000 MGM daily Client dose: 500 MGM pop BID usual dose: 500 MGM pop BID

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VS.: Assess location, duration, and characteristics of seizure activity. Assess patient for CANS adverse effects throughout therapy. These adverse effects are categorized as somnolence and fatigue (aesthetic), coordination difficulties (ataxia, abnormal gait, or incapacitation), and behavioral abnormalities (agitation, hostility, anxiety, apathy, emotional liability, diversification, depression) and usually occur during the first 4 wok of therapy.