The "Commerce" is presenting the offline business by Lie & Fun. In order to integrate both into business activities, simply do the business In an electronic way. Is that work? I believe the answer Is more than that. See my formula below: E-commerce * Electronic + Commerce E-commerce = Electronic x Commerce L' ; Fun' s SCM The core elements of Lie &amp: Fungus holistic SCM including product design, coordination, sourcing, production, warehousing, distribution and market information which provides value-added service across the entire supply chain in a so-called borderless manufacturing environment.

One of its strength is able to benefit clients y shorten order fulfillment from 3 months to 5 weeks. Lie & Fun does not own any of the components in the supply chain but manage and orchestrate the production process. Its holistic conception of the value chain Is to Improve operations by controlling owning strategic links In the chain through raw material sourcing. The E from E-commerce--- Internet Issues With Intranet to link the group's office, manufacturing sites around the world, and with extranet to link the company directly to key customers, Lie : Fun is building blocks to e-commerce solution.

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The key driver is E-commerce-?- the new economy dead "Internet is Just another technology that affects the way information is transferred and people communicated with each other... " -----by William Fun "The internet is a revolutionary technology, but new technology is nevertheless still technology' ------by Victor Fun Lie & Fungus old economy retail customers felt seriously threatened by the internet pure plays.

My question Is: As E-commerce Is a key driver to future business environment, How specifically E- commerce would eventually add value to Lie Ramp: Fun? The primary activities of commerce are the transaction and integration of the resources. Just like the both sides of a cone, transaction and integration are the both sides of business activity. Every activity of commerce involves a new integration of the resources. The purpose of combine transaction and integration is to gain maximum value.

Therefore the combination of transaction and integration is E-commerce. Therefore: * E-commerce is not a purely economy of technology. It is the transaction of integrating resources. The power of integration indicates the level of achievement. It is nothing relate to technology solely. * E-commerce is not positioned as software developer to develop high end E-business platform. It apply e- business platform to achieve strategic integration. * The company structure under E-commerce is difference from the traditional status.

Integration Integration can be concluded in the following areas * Base on the needs to provide suitable services and products. Organization from suppliers, customers and third-party providers may involve. * link up the customers and manufacture through the transaction * Integrate the online and office business to provide point to point support, * To provide a market place to the parties who unable to work it out independently Multiple flows Supply Chain Management Information

Material Finance Raw materials, intermediate products, finished goods Capacity, promotion plans, delivery schedules Credits, consignment, payment terms, invoices Retailers Suppliers Customers Distributors Manufacturers Sales, orders, inventory, quality, promotion plans Returns, repairs, servicing, recycling, disposal Payments, consignment Therefore "E-commerce Electronic x Commerce" is different from "E-commerce * Electronic + Commerce". The multiple includes: * manufacturing, distribution/logistics, design/engineering, marketing, finance, etc. Multiple organizations involved * suppliers, customers, third-party providers.

Multiple flows * information, material/service, finance. Recommendation Lie ; Fun with its holistic SCM and E-commerce solution should make use of the E-commerce platform to integrate both marketing application and operation management through the multiple functions of E-commerce. E-commerce, itself should not limit to E-trade or E- management. E-commerce * Electronic + E-commerce Electronic x Commerce The meaning of above formulas means that the E-commerce is not simply added up the offline and online business. They represent effectively integration of both to achieve the multiple.