People I have been influenced by
Many people have influenced me through out my life.
I have chosen only one person to talk about today. This
person is my girlfriend she has influenced me in many
different ways. In this paper I will explain some of the
ways she has had an influence on my life.

This whole thing started about one and a half years
ago I was in the 12th grade.I met a girl named Brandi
Morton we started talking to each other and then we went
on a few dates. And you know as well as I do what happens
after a few dates. You go on more dates and then you
consider yourself boyfriend and girlfriend or dating. One
of the things that I noticed about this girl is that it
was in December and she was wearing flip flops. So after
we had been dating for a while summer was here and I
really did not wear sandles but she insisted on me buying
a pair of flip flops. So I tried them out and now here it
is in January and I am still wearing them right along
with her. So I dont think she is crazy anymore for wearing sandles in the winter time.

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Up untill just recently I had a bad habit that a lot
of people share unwantedly. I had a smoking problem it
was not bothering me very much. But Brandi did not like
it at all she kept telling me not to do it, but you know
I still did. I just decided I would not smoke around her
so I tried not to be around her when I had been smoking.
But that did not work she would surprise me and come
visit me then she would get upset because I had been
smoking. So finanlly I decided to quit smoking completely
and now when I see her I dont have to worrry about her
smelling smoke on me or tasting it on my breath.

Here is a little something that she influenced me to
do. For a while I had been thinking about getting my
tongue pierced.Well I talked to her about it and we
agreed that it would be a good thing that we both would
enjoy. So the day before Halloween I went to a place
called Tattoo Charlies and got it done. I was surprised
because I thought and figured that it would hurt and I
would cry and be made fun of. But the guy that did it was
like a pro or something it did not take him any time and
it did not hurt at all.

These are just a few of the ways that I have been
influenced by my girlfriend or by anybody. If you
think about it you are influcended by somebody every day
somehow. It could be by your mom telling you to get up
and go to school in the morning. It could be your best
friend trying to get you to drink a cold beer at a party,
or just anything like that.