Marie There's Maddox State Session number: (unknown) Name of School: SST Marry School Session: November 2014 Subject AL: Language and Literature Level: HAL Work Submitted: Written task 1 Title: Language and Racism Subtitle: How is language used to describe racism? Supervisor: Mrs.. Mullein word count: 765 Submitted in partial fulfillment of the B Diploma [pick] humans. Language is form of knowledge it is used to communicate ideas and thoughts.

Language also uses symbols. Though language is good it is also bad. Language becomes a problem when people misuse and misunderstand it, this can cause dispute between people and this is the language of racism and may others were started and then misused by humans. Language has influenced human thoughts since the moment we learnt it. The question is words and phrases in English created to enlighten the thought blacks are "bad" and whites are "good"?

The answer is no it is up to the human mind to distinguish what is good or bad. It is true that negative language affects the mind of humans. This is scary because subconsciously one would sit back and look at the ways language has affected our lives and ideas from the first time we knew how to listen and speak it. If this is really true then we have no way of escaping the prejudice and racial bias in our society for the thoughts have run too deep.

Color Symbolism: They symbolism of white as positive and black as negative is pervasive in our culture. "Good guys" wear white hats and ride white horses, "bad guys" wear black hats and ride black horses. Angels are white and devils are black. The definition of black includes "without any moral light or goodness; evil, wicked, indicating disgrace, sinful," while that of white includes "morally pure, spotless, innocent, free from evil.

Ethnocentrism or From a White Perspective: Implicit in the English usage of master/slave concept is ownership of the slave by the master; the captives (slaves) were African individuals with human worth, right and dignity and the term "slave" denounces that human quality, thereby making the mass rape of African women by white captors more acceptable in the minds of people and setting a mental frame of reference legitimizing the atrocities perpetuated against African people (adapted from Trio-County Domestic & Sexual Violence Intervention Network Ann-oppression Training for Trainers Created by Carol Cheney, Jeannie Liberace and Terrier Squinters, 2006. 503. 287. 9628 ext. 2. Www. Satisfaction. Org) Racism divides human beings into races which are distinguished by their physical characteristics, their cultural patterns and their modes and behavior. These characteristics are supposed to confirm to a type and to be inherited and unchanging. For example; when racist condemn blacks as lazy and fleshless people, he same people are said to be scared of black workers as a threat to Jobs which, they argue, should "belong" to white workers. Humankind "has sprung from one protoplasm". What we believe from different racial backgrounds is usually learnt from our parent's.

From a very early age we hear their opinions and accept them without asking questions. Peer pressure can sometimes lead people to make racist remarks, or even attacking someone Just to fit in with their friends. " no one is born hating another person because of their skin color,or background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite"-Nelson Mandela, from his autobiography," long walk to freedom" Language can use racism casually. For example casual racism is much more subtle when a Joke is made and you are hurt by it. Some people can make Jokes and not know that it is a racist Joke.