L. A. Candy is one of a trilogy series written by Lauren Conrad. The author was inspired to write this book due to the fact that she participated in two reality television series, Laguna Beach and The Hills. The genre of this novel is young-adult literature. Jane Roberts and Scarlett Harp just graduated from high school and move to L. A. to begin an active new life style. Jane works for an event planner, Fiona Chen while Scarlett studies at the University of Southern California. A producer of an upcoming reality series came across the girls at Les Deux Nightclub and presented the idea of being apart of his new series know as L.

A. Candy. The girls were thrilled with the idea but little did they know the malicious plots the Hollywood lifestyle had to offer. The series created a somewhat artificial friendship with Madison Parker, a charming but vicious celebutante and Gaby Garcia, a typical "dumb blonde. " Jane meets Jesse Edwards, a notorious playboy and falls madly in love, but when Jesse flirts with two blonde bimbos at his twenty first birthday, Jane is hurt beyond repair. Madison, craving attention, makes a malevolent deal with the Gossip magazine publisher, Veronica Bliss.

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This deal entitled Madison leaking pictures of Jane hooking up with Jesse's best friend Braden after his twenty first birthday when she was feeling desperate and vulnerable. Madison knew this would destroy Jane's career but she yearend for a cover in the magazine and this was the only way she could accomplish her goal. In the end, the news got around Hollywood faster than the bubonic plague and Jane was devastated. I recommend this novel to anyone who watched Lauren Conrad's reality television series The Hills and enjoyed the non-stop gossiping and ludicrous fights.

The novel gives a superb insight into the behind-the-scenes look of a reality television show such as, the scripted scenes and the constant annoyance of cameras and paparazzi. Any teenage girl who is interested in the Hollywood scene would be infatuated with this novel as it has an unexpected story line and dramatic events. The characters are relatable and it is extremely simple to immerse yourself into the world in which the girls live in. Lastly, this book was number one in the New York Times Bestseller and I would highly encourage anyone who appreciated this novel to read the whole series.