Kung Tribe When I went on the Internet I found that the most interesting topic on culture. I learned about the !Kung. I got interested in them because they seemed to always be in the anthropology book. In the book these people are always talked about. I wanted to know why these people were so famous among anthropologists.

I found that the !Kung were a tribe ruled by themselves and have no king or chief. They are people of the Kalahari Desert and have the ability to adapt to their surroundings. They are a foraging people. They hunt and gather. The men do most of the hunting but in special circumstances the women are forced to do the hunting of small game.

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The women do the most work. They are usually foraging for the food three to four days a week. It said that the men do the hunting for the most part. The women are also in charge of cooking and cleaning. They seem to have to do most of the work. They do what most old fashioned women did and most of the man work.

These people are very simplistic and have one thing in mind and that is to survive. These people are really neat people to learn about. I admire their simplistic lifestyles and wish that I could have the same. In this article it described their way of life. I really hope one day when my brother becomes an anthropologist that he takes me to Africa.

It sounds like there are a lot of cultures still untouched there. Science Essays.