What is your reaction to this “employee plan” implemented by Eze? Does u believe it is too simplistic? As far as my own perception is concerned, my reaction to this employee plan is positive and acceptable. The reason is that the company official put all the employees of the company at ease while working in the office. They provide them very friendly and supportive working environment in which they can Enjoy.

Regarding its second part, Yes I think it is very easy to implement such an environment by introducing such fun full activities just as introduced in the kids of any kindergarten because this will increase the moral of the employees because they will fell themselves very comfortable and happy in their inner self. So its really simple to implement such employee plan because its very attractive and everyone loves to have fun even while working in their office hours. Do you believe such employee programs as described in this case can succeed at other companies? Why or why not? Yes I really go in favor of this statement because People or the Labor Force are the working hands of any organization, of any business or firm. So if the company provides them such a friendly, fun full and enjoyable working environment, then there is no doubt that there would be a lot chances for the success for that particular organization.

When the employees will have such an attractive, innovative and fun loving environment, they will love to do work and put their maximum efforts in achieving organizational objectives. They will be working as if while playing in their offices as the small kids study while playing in the Kindergarten. Do you believe special human resource management conditions have to exist for such a system to work? Explain. How do these conditions relate to motivation?

Well I don’t think so that any “special” human resource management conditions are required to implement such an environment. It will be indeed handled by the HRM Department but they just have to make the environment friendly and comfortable for the employees in which they can enjoy and have fun. The point is that there’s no need to introduce special conditions for this environment because its not any unique or a strange thing. It should be a part of every organization because employees are the working hands for any organization.

Now regarding motivation, yes it is directly related to the motivational level of the employees because this environment will develop a positive thinking in them that our organization is doing so much for ourselves like they are providing us such a friendly, open, fun full and enjoyable working environment, so we should also put our maximum efforts and skills for the betterment of the company. They will be more and more motivated towards the completion of their tasks and hence it will ultimately result in the increase productivity of the organization.

Another thing is that such an environment will make them punctual as well and the ratio of absenteeism will be reduced because all the employees will love to reach in such a fun loving environment as soon as possible. This ting will help the organization in the timely accomplishment of its tasks and the organization will flourish in its competitive market. So indeed employees are the working hands of every organization and giving them a very good, convenient, comfortable and fun loving environment, as Kindergartens, is the main objective of any organization