The essay “Just Walk on By” is talking about the discrimination of white people to black people. The segregation stayed for a long time even after the blacks took their freedom. The segregation means the separation between the people in everything such as the streets and the buses. The segregation decreased slowly so the white began to fear on themselves from blacks. The essay expresses three conflicts the discrimination, segregation, and whites’ fear. Discrimination means treating of a person or group of people unfairly different from other people or groups of people.

In our society the discrimination was in everything like religion, race, and color. In the past, the people in the United States and European countries discriminated the black people and let them work as slaves in their homes and factories besides they didn’t have any benefits in their jobs or life insurance. Thus, blacks decided to take their freedom more than once but they failed until Martin Luther King won their freedom. The discrimination is one of the devil business that lead people to hate each other. There was another thing called segregation which known by the separation between people that happened during the blacks’ discrimination.

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At that time the blacks couldn’t go to whites’ schools or ride in the front of the bus as white people. The black people weren’t citizens and also hadn’t the same rights that the white people have like right of fair trial or freedom of speech. Sometimes the police caught them and put them in jail without a fair trial. So the segregation between people lead them to get angry from each other so it is not favored. After the black people get their freedom in 1965 so the white people began to fear from them. So because the author is one of the blacks so he emembered his realization of being perceived as a dangerous man. That was why; when he went out at the night time the white people of his hometown shut the lights of their homes off and store are getting closed. That is why the young white woman misjudged him to be a mugger or theft. So later after he realizes that when other think of him as being dangerous he could be wronged just as easily just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time he moved to New York. That is because the whites at that time thought that the blacks wanted to revenge because of what happened to them and their families.

In conclusion, the three conflicts the discrimination, segregation, and whites’ fear are connected altogether. At first the white people discriminated the blacks and let them work as salves. Then the discrimination is let to segregation between whites and blacks in rights and other things. Finally after the blacks took their freedom the white people began to fear because they that that the black people will revenge so that was why the lights getting of f and stores were closed early. So the try to end on discrimination because it let the people to hate each other badly.