My dear Caesar, my master, you summoned me to record my observations of the people of High Rome. I have gathered information from my many spies and informants and have filed this report. I thought it might interest you of the goings-on of the following citizens.

Marcus Antonius- Your loyal subject has stayed true to you and honours you. He poses no trouble to your rule and does not seem persuaded by the other schemers.

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Cassius-He appears a very tempered person. It appears that he feels that you are too powerful, but this an obvious sign of jealousy. I fear that he is planning a conspiracy against your greatness. He is more practical than Brutus, but poses a great threat to you. My feeling is to terminate his life.

Cicero- He is far calmer than the excited Cassius. I feel that he and Cassius are in this conspiracy together. However there is a far more important member of the conspirators. Extermination is still advised.

Brutus- He may appear to be your friend Caesar, but I sense betrayal. He is a noble person who is respected by many. He is a Stoic and believes in idealism. However, the respect he receives from others only makes him more dangerous as he is more capable of encouraging others to agree with him. His life must be ceased at all costs.

Flavius- I noticed at your celebrations, the actions of Flavius were suspicious. He was attempting to remove your decorations, a clear sign of dissent towards you. However I do not feel that he is a threat to you, but rather a follower of Brutus. I therefore feel that observation is necessary but extermination is not.

Marallus-This tribune seems unsure of whether to assist Flavius and seems more concerned about the festival of Lupercal.

Artemidorus of Cnidos- I am unsure about this man about whether to believe his letter of warning to you, whether he is trying to take you off the scent. However, from my observations, I feel that you should believe this man.

Trebonius- He is quite a sly and sneaky character who must be constantly surveyed. He may be conspiring against you.

Cinna the poet- This man is not a problem towards you Caesar but rather, there is a danger towards him. For he may be confused with Cinna, who may be involved in conspiring against you. I suggest that we protect him.

Ligarius- Another member of the planned plot against you. He respects Brutus and this is worrying. He must be killed.

Calpurnia-Your beloved wife dreamt of bad things happening to you. Is this a sign that she is attempting your assignation? I personally do not feel this is the case but one of my informants advised me to be cautious. It may just be that she was feeling ill and was overcome by the devil in her sleep or it may have been a sign of her concern towards your safety.

Portia- Brutuss wife may be a way of receiving information about her husband. Interrogation would serve this purpose. We could use her to capture Brutus and his band of conspirators.

Cinna- I hear from my spies that Cinna encouraged Brutus to conspire against you by throwing a forged letter to him. He, by doing this, has caused others to involve in conspiring against you. He is guilty of treason-my only suggestion is DEATH.

Metellus Cimber- Another member of the plot against you, and is quite dangerous towards you. Kill him.

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