whats the definition of cyberspace?
science of communication and control theory
why was the show I Love Lucy considered controversial when it first came out?
because Lucille Ball was married to Desi Amaz who was an immigrant
what year did all U.S. television broadcasting become digital?
what's the purpose of the so-called V-Chip
blocks certain shows with sexual/violent/profane content
who is Jorge Ramos and which show on Univision does he host
Univision anchor. he was an advocate for latino and immigrant groups
what are Spanish-language television soap operas primarily called?
"Users should be able to link to any document at anywhere in the world" was the principle upon which the web was based on, who was the man behind it?
Tim Berners Lee
Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf are known for developing what?
TCP/IP- transfer control protocol/internet protocol
guidelines for rules/addresses
individual stations became cautious about broadcasting serious programs that contained nudity, violence, or harsh language, because of what 2004 super bowl event?
Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction
name three media outlets that could be considered a "click and mortar" media outlets
magazines, newspapers;
New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today
the world wide web became the standard for posting documents on the documents on the internet because the creator did what
gave software away for free
"it's the first prime-time network series in four decades to be led by an African American woman" what show is this?
what cyberpunk author has expressed concern over that people will get such specialized news through online filters that they will be isolated from news they
William Gibson. he believed that internet can be bad for society.
what's the definition of packet switching?
breaking up a large amount of information into small pieces, more efficiently get to the computer it needs to get to. Paul Barren behind this
whats the fifth highest rated television network in the united states?
highest rated television networks in united states in order....
"they have lost one third of all their viewers to cable, syndicated programming, and independent stations" who are these big three television networks?
name three technological ways people connect to the internet
dialup/telephone line, wireless services, cable
what factors are behind the fact that our definition of what broadcasting is has changed?
How we view television has changed, think of how we watch television today
what is the biggest advantage of distributing a movie over the internet instead of theaters in terms of cost?
Very low cost
what is the public broadcasting act of 1967?
Set up public broadcasting in the U.S, establishing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, PBS and NPR.
what major company is known for doing television ratings in the united states?
nielson ratings
what movie revolutionized internet-based promotion of films?
blair witch project
what percentage of the world's population has access to the internet?
what percentage of united states' population has access to internet
what show made PBS attract its first significant audience
sesame street
name three ways audience members can interact with cable and broadcast television
skip commercials, movies on demand and voting
what was broadcast networks' initial response to HBO going on air in 1975?
they virtually ignored it. didn't think it would become anything.
"they can be punished if they are critical of the government" is applicable to bloggers of what country of 1.3 billion citizens?
China. blocked content from citizens, they didn't want them to see what the outside world thought of china.
what was the ARPAnet?
predecessor of internet. allowed computers to talk to one another, for educational purposes
what was twitter's big innovation?
Connect mobile phone with landline. It was to connect all technology so you could always tweet about "what you are doing"
what web browser was the first one to be able to handle graphics
what will the next-generation internet be used primarily for?
higher quality audio/video
what's the purpose of "cookies" on a website
tracks how many people visited a website, how long they were there. help retailers. Mainly identify and track retailers.
what;s the purpose of network affiliates?
local show compared to national show, enhances programming.
"they are channels you pay extra for and that do not carry commercials" are what sort of channels? Give two examples:
premium cable channels
ex; HBO, showtime
who invented the basic technology for television
He was a Idaho farm boy, invented it and took it to high school, showed his teacher, Farnsworth
why are television networks now showing more diverse programming than before?
appealing to larger audiences. leaning more toward diversity. more diversity in the world now
why could video games be considered a new mass medium?
video game consoles: media content devices, broadcasting game play
why do critics worry that television has a strong influence on young people? give examples
no skill, television takes over role of role models/babysitters, share of meaning
why was the conversion from analog to digital television broadcasting delayed by several months in 2009
Analog sets went dark without either conversion box or