John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address The Inaugural Address, by John F. Kennedy is about the people cooperating to make America a better place for everyone. John F. Kennedy’s speech was delivered in the east side of the capitol on January 20, 1961. In John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address, he emphasizes the need for unity among mankind. John F. Kennedy utilizes anaphora to evoke togetherness throughout the world. Throughout his speech, Kennedy repeats, “we pledge” several times. Kennedy means to convey unity by using “we” to connect to the people.

Because the phrase is repeated so many times it shows how bad he wants the idea grasped in to the peoples minds. By using the word “pledge” he is able to emphasize the promise that the people made to America. Kennedy also reiterates the phrase, “ we shall” many times. Through the phrase “we shall” he is able to highlight that everyone is going to help. It makes the people see that they have a part in constructing America, for Kennedy cannot do it on his own. He wants to build a unity where everyone is on the same team; together they will help each other out and strive for the unity of America.

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Kennedy wants to be on the same side as the people; he constantly say’s “let both sides” so that he can come into an agreement with them. If Kennedy makes a connection with the people they will do as he says. He wants “both sides” to collaborate with each other to create a strong nation. If he were able to create a unified nation, the people would live in a civilized manner, all-willing to help. Through anaphora, Kennedy is able to present the theme that together you can conquer all.