I think everyone who is watching the JustBeenPaid / JSS Tripler / Profitclicking Ponzi schemes for a while now will agree with me that Frederick Mann is nothing but some made up person for the purpose of making people believe some stupid lies in order to suck more money out of their pockets. Things always get easier for operators of Ponzi schemes if there is some kind of genius behind some program and people believe that. It just makes the process of brainwashing people easier.

But who exactly is behind the name Frederick Mann? Is it one person? Is it a group of criminals? When I digged deeper into the above mentioned Ponzi schemes, I surprisingly heard the same names again and again: HJ Dockstader, Joe Read, JJ Ulrich as well as Jardine Law Offices. They are well known from previous Ponzi schemes and cash gifting schemes and it is proven, they are also behind the JustBeenPaid / JSS Tripler / Profitclicking Ponzi scams. But who is the guy who made up the Frederick Mann person? There was no hint for that until now.

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Recently I figured out several interesting things, which make me believe that JJ Ulrich is the person behind Frederick Mann. At first you have to know that JJ Ulrich lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. The same place where his law office of choice (Jardine) is located. Also a nice coincidence is, that in a town very close to Salt Lake City there is a cemetery, where some Frederick Mann is located (Source). So this could be where he got the name from.

But wait, there is more! In the latest conference of a new Ponzi scheme called “ClickPaid”, which is supposed to be Frederick Manns next program, it seems like they did some mistake. I have created a recording of it for you. Please watch and look closer at the bottom of the conference window, where it announces who is speaking. You will notice that every time Frederick Mann says something, it is displaying “JJ Ulrich”. Click here to watch the video.

The last proof I have for you is about a mistake with domain registrations he did two times. First time with Profitclicking and another time with the domain of ClickPaid. The whois details of Profitclicking showed JJ Ulrich as registrant initially:

Later it was changed to Frederick Mann:

Exactly the same was done with the ClickPaid domain name:

I think this guy can expect the authorities to knock on his door very soon. Thanks to NikSam at Realscam for posting those screenshots.