The title of my book is Ivanhoe, it was written by Sir Walter Scott. Scott was Scottish born author who died in 1832. He was on of the formost authors of works about chivalry.

The setting of the story is England and Scotland.The first primary setting is Rotherwood, the home of Cedric. Cedric the Saxon is Ivanhoe's father. Cedric disowns ivanhoe(also referred to as Wilfred), because of his love for Rowena who is courted by DeBracy who is a Norman knight. The irony with all of this is that the Normans were defeated by the Saxons, and Cedric views Rowena as lesser. As the story moves along Ivanhoe is caugth in a love triangle with Rowena and Rebecca. Rebecca is a jew, and is the daughter of Issac who is an enemy of Saxons and Norman, and is nothing more than a wealthy Jew. Rebecca cares for Ivanhoe after the tournament at Templestowe. In the end Ivanhoe weds Rowena and loyaly serves Richard I who is the black knight, and returns from the crusades.

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Ivanhoe By: Sir Walter Scott