Sir Lankan is one of the countries that deliver education free for all the citizens. The free education system of the country is unique because the government not only delivers education free to 9913 schools island wide, but the text book, School uniforms, pair of shoes and even nutritious daily food supplement during the school hours is also granted free of charge among 400,4059 students. The government spends RSI. 400 million from the National budget allocation annually or distribution school text books to the hands of school children at the end of the final term of the year, which would be used by them in their new next class. Although a non-profitable service this is identified as a "Business" and as a "Marketing venture" by the researcher, As a massive investment involved (RSI. 2400 million) As distribution channels available As customers who receive the service available (400,4059) As a team of managers and accountants and auditors involved As there is an invisible and UN-measurable profit named "Education" involved

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As there is a huge market for the "Education" in the world The researcher looks at the particular Marketing venture in two angles in two scenarios. For the Ministry of Education and The Ministry of Education Services, the product is "quality education" for the customers. As a country the product is "well educated nation" that can be marketed in the world as professionals that earn/bring foreign currency to the country's revenue or the "Educated" contributes the national revenue by generating a large amount of wealth in the country I nee Research Problem

Although the government spends a considerable amount of money to distribute school text books, unfortunately every year there are many complains that some of the school books were not delivered on time to the end users. To address the problems related to the education services such as delivering school text books on time, School uniforms and the food rations to the students on time this year (2013) the government formed a new cabinet ministry named "The Ministry of Education Services", dividing the former Ministry of Education in to two.

The new ministry would also undertake the infrastructure development, new support services and quality development in Sir Lankan school education system. Significance Distribution of books is identified as the most significant area than has critical issues (according to the available details) compared to the other services managed by the ministry, as the problems preset for more than one decade, so that the area is selected by the researcher to study comprehensively.

Secondly the problem is identified as an important matter in education as learning and studying mostly depend on the text books. Scope of the Study This study is focused on the distribution channels and related delivery system of school text books of the former Ministry of Education, in order to find out the defects and problems related to the area and help to enhance the system of the new ministry, The Ministry of Education Services.

This document is mainly prepared as "The Extended Report" of the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management course 2013 The Research Questions. Mall Stetsons 1) Why the school text books are not delivered on time? 2) What are the problems related to school Text books delivering? Sub Question 1) What are the remedial measures that can be taken to distribute the school text books on time?

Research Objectives To investigate and identify the reasons why some of the school text books do not reach to the hands of end users on time v/ To understand the problems presets in the distribution chain [channels To suggest better solutions for the new ministry to make a proper distribution of school text books Methodology Literature review To reassumes the problem collect /fled data related to the problems of delivering school text books for past 03 years (Secondary Data) Ђ Letters sent by public and the officers to the higher authorities related to the problem Newspaper articles published, related to the problem I nee letters sent Dye ten puddle as complains Ana ten newspaper articles would D used as an evidence 'Identification mode of the problem.