ISG Accepts Bitcoin as Payment for 3D Printers

Canadian company ISG has released a new model of 3D printer and now takes payments for the 3D printers in bitcoin. It is expected that this will boost sales.

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There is no doubt that crypto currency bitcoin and 3D printing is two of the biggest stories in the tech world for 2014.

The technology aspect is continuously changing and both of these innovations play a major role. Many different merchants have embraced bitcoin as a payment option and Canadian company ISG joined the list.

ISG has announced that it accepts bitcoin as a means to expand the market reach. Anyone who wanted to buy a 3D printer with bitcoin had only limited options until now.

They could purchase from Overstock which accepts bitcoin, but it only sells 3D Systems’ Cube printers. Other options for consumers included some websites which seemed rather sketchy.

Recently ISG started allowing buyers to pay with bitcoins, which is a superior option. The company is based in Sherbrooke, Canada and has announced the ISG II, its new 3D printer. This new device is available at the site for pre-order.

Along with the release, ISG also announced that the firm started accepting bitcoin and buyers who pre-order the printer can pay with the crypto currency.

CEO and Founder of ISG, Samuel Guillemette said, “We are already accepting bitcoin and have been proud to collaborate with CannabisCoin on a line of 3D printed grinders.

We are open to more collaboration with the crypto currency community. We want to bring the best experience to the users.”

ISG II is a machine based off of a Prusa i3 design. The frame was custom-built by the company and a heated build platform was added too. The 42cm x 42 cm x 46 cmb3 printer has a Filament Diameter and Compatibility of PLA/ABS at 1.75mm.

With 0.1mm Print Resolutions, the 3D printer costs only $899.00. With a price of about 2.8334 bitcoins, the printer is a very worthy and capable machine.

ISG is a comparatively new company. It has plans to expand within a very short time. It is offering another 3D printer called ISG 730, made especially for the professional users.

It will cost $3,999 excluding taxes, and can be bought using bitcoins too. Not many details about the ISG 730 have been published as the firm is busy planning inauguration of a storefront in Sherbrooke, Canada soon.

This was perhaps the right time for ISG to embrace bitcoin. Even big market players like Microsoft and Overstock are accepting the digital currency, but many merchants still choose not to rely on bitcoin.

They are concerned about the currency’s volatile nature. Apart from the uncertainty surrounding bitcoin’s price, the merchants also fear changes in laws, taxes, and security.

However, past events projected that any company which made the choice to accept bitcoins received a boost in sales.

They were also blessed with support from a large and tightly knit community of individuals who are very enthusiastic about bitcoin.