ts when you do notbelieve in it yourself? Both writings, antiwar statements make a very real
argument against needless war. They perform it very differently.

While reading Tim O'Brien's story truth version of his moral dilemma
during the summer of'68, I could feel what he was going through. He made
the experience real to me. How could he be expected to fight for an idea he
didn't agree with or even understand for that matter? The wording allowed
his message to come across plainly yet still it drove directly into the
heart of me. He spoke to me. My chest tightens when I even think of that
kind of conflict. I would've been a coward too.

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Wilfred Owen's remembrance of a tragic death is more dramatic than
real. He describes an account of a comrade's death due to what I assume to
be mustard gas or another chemical grenade of that effect during WWI. He is
saying, "War is Hell!" By describing this event in poetic terms I feel a
separation between the real and the tragedy.

Though he makes a very powerful statement I feel distanced from it.

O'Brien gave much detail to his story. It's in the detail and not the
grace of a fancy tongue that has won me over.