Agencies and organizations count on good administrators to supervise employees, delegate assignments, and ensure that productivity is kept at the required standard. An effective administrator wears many hats, Including that of a counselor and motivator, and must know how to deal with a variety of different personalities. Successful administrators possess a combination of skills and qualities that enables them to provide effective leadership. The object of administrative study Is to rescue executive methods from the confusion and costliness of empirical experiment and set them upon foundations laid deep in stable principle (Stimulant, 2010).

Throughout my observations and lessons learned from the case studies and virtual guest I have identified fairness, motivation, communication, and mentoring as personal strengths of a Public Administrator. A fair administrator treats people with the same respect and fairness, and does not play favorites. Fair administrators make decisions about employees based on their Job performance and not on whether they personally like or dislike an employee. Fair administrators handle each problem with impartiality and strive not to allow personal feelings to dictate their course of action.

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When a situation requires discipline, fair administrators ensure that the action they take Is consistent with how they treated another employee, so that no one can accuse them of favoritism. An effective administrator is able to motivate their staff to perform beyond the agency standards. To achieve this goal, a good administrator must know the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. Administrators must praise an employee and give recognition when an assignment or project is executed well, and find tactful ways to help strengthen areas of an employee's work that need improvement.

A good administrator must also find creative ways to keep morale high, whether it's arranging after work gatherings or providing bonus incentives when goals are exceeded. Shari Alular serves as a Public Administrator in a public school system. He advised the class that one of his mall objectives of his Job Is to motivate the students. He further added that that he motivates the students by Identifying with their needs and trying to give them positive reinforcements to meet the need. Shari also stated that motivating his student also keep him personally motivate to perform his Job successfully.

Good communication is not just expressing a idea clearly, but also involves the act of listening to what someone else is saying. A successful administrator speaks clearly and ensures that their words are specific so there is no confusion in what they expect from employees. Administrators should also listen to everything an employee tells them and write it down to avoid misunderstandings if the issue comes up in the future. An "open door" policy is an effective way for an administrator to empower workers to feel like they can trust them when they express honest opinions.

An effective administrator does not promote a ensue of distance between themselves and the employees, but rather seek a mentor relationship to help them advance up the corporate ladder. Being a mentor requires the will to share past experiences and tips that only come from having once been in employees and to remember that they have lives outside the office. Good administrators don't overwork their employees and make allowances for family situations that occur which may require schedule flexibility. I am currently a State Probation Officer in Americas, GA. I deal with at least 200 clients per month.

Throughout my interactions with clients I strive on to treat them all the same. When I began my career in March 2011, I initially served the county I grew up which was somewhat a problem. I came into immediate contact with people I knew all my life whom assumed that they would receive special favors. Being a fair administrator has kept me clear from any allegations concerning mistreatment of clients due to prior personal dealing. Maintaining a standard code of professionalism has helped me gain respect from all clients, known or unknown. Being a fair administrator will aid in my professional success by exhibiting my honest personal character.