Brian Kirton SS144-01 Kaplan University February 10, 2012 . Analyzing Deviance: Interracial Relationships Deviance: the violation of norms, rules or expectations. (Henslin. 2010). From a historical viewpoint, interracial relationships were considered highly deviant fifty years ago. In fact, when the civil rights era began in the 1950s there were still states that had antimiscegnation laws that forbid interracial marriage. For individuals of different socially constructed ethnic and racial groups, being in an interracial relationship or intermarriage was considered unpure largely by White males with the thought of keeping the White race pure.

According to eNotes. com (2012), the number of mixed-race marriages rose from 300,000 in 1970 to 1. 2 million in 1990. In an interracial relationship, a couple or family may feel pressures because of racial and culture differences, but if a family or couple can recognize and understand the differences they learn to understand each other. Today, although interracial relations are accepted more, it is still unacceptable by some, and many couples are subject to negative reactions by society as a whole.

I feel that some of the reasons interracial relations are becoming more acceptable is because of higher immigration rates in the last thirty years, education, and mass media. Television and film has been one of the most influential ways for interracial families to overcome prejudice and stereotypes. In 1991, a film by Spike Lee, named Jungle Fever, depicted the social ramifications of being involved in such a relationship. According to “Moving Forward-Back into Reality” (n. d. “Lee incorporates a great deal about the black community as well as about society as a whole in his depiction of Flip and Angie's affair. Its intense harshness serves as an example of the mindsets and conditions that everyone needs to be aware of, and what everyone needs to try and change. ” With education, marrying across racial lines will increase because people begin to be more open to interracial marriages with increased education themselves. With immigration comes a more diverse society. Therefore the workplace, schools, and other public places give people of different races to meet on one-to-one levels.

As definitions of what cultural beauty is has changed, it is also a factor to why interracial relations are becoming accepted more in today’s society One well known deviance in today’s society is homosexuality. We have seen and heard the turmoil and troubles associated with the subject. Love is not something that is racist or partial to just man and woman relations. Generally it is Christians and other religious groups that frown on homosexuality, but if there is a god we must remember that he did not speak about homosexuality.

I feel that in the future, homosexuality will become more acceptable because science is proving many so-called religious facts wrong. We cannot argue with science. Also, I know that in my book, every human should be created equal and be allowed to love whoever they want to. People will protest on both sides of the homosexuality debate and this group or groups will prevail. Whether the subject is interracial relationships or homosexuality, the biggest problem concerning both subjects is society itself and the mindsets that come with it.

Increased awareness of such issues through education and mass media is teaching society not to be so judgmental. When society becomes less judgmental, the pressures and struggles of relations between any group and race make life much happier and easier to overcome References Henslin, J. M. (2010). Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach, Core Concepts. (4th ed. ). Moving Forward-Back into Reality. (n. d. ). Retrieved from