In many aspects, the word is in an information and knowledge society as espoused by, among others, the global economy and the internet-online services. Giddens characterizes the global economy and trade as that which is based on spread and networking of data and knowledge, and which is predominantly borrowing from technology to a focus on ‘’post industrial and service oriented’’ outlook. For him, Hi-tech reorganization is data centered and a prelude to development. Indeed,, the role of Information Communication and Technologies (ICTs) and the coming of the internet and its continued evolution are viewed by many governments and the corporate world as a relief not only in the management of service provision but a strategic plan and a future way to control, and manage cost. This paper examines the following:

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E- Services, E-Marketing Technology and the Future: Focus on Logistic Companies and Libraries

Technological advancement has necessitated changes in media technology as well and spread of information. Marketing scholars and thinkers alike have thus been deliberating profoundly on the need to understand the morphological advancement in media industry. At the core there a number of e-marketing technologies which are future oriented. One such is WAP. For instance, Pan for instance recognises the ability of many companies including Aramex International in cyberspace marketing and the advantages that this portends. According to Pan, this device placed Aramex and other logistic Companies on high technological advancement and created a marketing reputation. WAP services are designed in a manner that is not only user friendly but it also formatted to accept customer’s inquisitions and placements. This in he long run has meant that the existing and potential customers have access to shipping services detailed in website, thus enabling them to easily and conveniently track their goods and any piece of information surrounding the services and goods on transit. WAP is gaining momentum and is likely one future of the internet which cannot be ignored.

Electronic libraries are rapidly changing to take advantage of the recent developments in the ICT and internet technology in regard to the networked information environment. It is has moved from ‘computer housekeeping to mediated exploitation of commercial ‘on-line’ services to the today’s position where of digital applications’’. The advantages of such initiatives and which hold future potential is that it seems to improve the basic function of the library which is enabling users to ‘identify, locate, access, and use data they need’’.

Overall, electronic library provides specific advantages including the provision of information landscape. This is usually done by a metadata provided by the library or to accessibility has been authenticated-with all these subsumed under resource identification and identification of location. Also, it has the tools which users can then use to locate information that is of interest to them with less cumbersomeness, which is subsumed under resource delivery or resource provision.

Thirdly, the systems have in place instruments which facilitate users in exploiting the content of information specific to their need, and this is subsumed under resource Utilization. Fourth, the system has the provision for the physical infrastructure, sometimes through, a third party enabling further use and exploitation of informationn resources. This is subsumed under, infrastructure provision. Finally, it makes available, the management tools which seeks to ensure that resources are used effectively, efficiently and gives value for money.

The Expert System and Internet, and Government Service Provision

The Expert system is one the areas which must be examined in relation to future Internet Information System Management. It is software that can be described as ‘multi-task’. This is because it does a number of tasks systematically or in one time period and thus rationalizes what would otherwise not be accomplished by one individual. The software is normally designed in a manner that it has the prerequisites of a human being and information processing patterns and thus can juggle through numerous problems at the same time. Further the fact that it has Knowledge and internet engineering in this scenario would mean that inclusion and integration into software of knowledge possessed by a number experts and professionals in a particular area. For instance if one is looking for investment opportunities in say Stratford which will be a venue for the forthcoming Olympics, then he/she is able to use this software which will give the historical and the expert analysis opportunities at a glance with the data being set and made available by the software. Alternatively, a consultant on the other end within the software may give such information.


Online services such as marketing is and will continue being part of the expansive set of social factors that influence, propel adoption and evolution of the internet. The world of digital citizenry presents Internet consumption, addiction which has implications on organizations and the world at large.