Employees don't always see anything wrong with taking a few minutes for online chatting, searching, posting, or shopping online during work hours. Companies are not paying you to shop online; their paying you to be productive for the company. Having the employees wasting company time; means that you're also wasting company money resulting in lost revenues for the company. The FBI and Computers Security Institute found "that 91% of computer security practitioners detected employee abuse of Internet access at work. These abuses range from misuse of company email systems, downloading pornography, reading sews websites, online shopping and many more abuses. Many companies have started restricting access to certain websites or to the internet all together. Some companies have profited In the every growing software and hardware field. They profit by making software and hardware firewalls the restrict access. Some companies like Antennae. Com, Cisco, and Entreat all make access restriction hardware or software. In 1999 employees who abuse company internet cost US businesses $5. Billion and this number Is growing as Internet speeds become faster and more widespread thought the country. Mom research suggest "blocking or controlling internet access is viewed by many employees as a restraint. " Some employers recognize and tolerate some personal use of company computers; but abusing of doing Illegal activity on company computers will get you fired. One of the most used ways of wasting time at work Is sexually related activity 20% of men and 12% of woman reported using work computers for this activity while on company time.

Personal email communications and instant messaging account for 43% of employee distractions. Another common form of company resource abuse Is he reading of online news websites. Some people check the latest sports scores, local community events, and latest stock prices. Gambling is another major abuse of company internet; and some gambling sites open ports on computers that can lead to mallard, virus, and other breaches of security in company computers. These breaches In security can make a company liable for and having other legal actions taking against them by other companies or people.

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Not all non;work related computer uses are seen as a bad thing in some employer's eyes. Some employers let heir employees work from home on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. Even if the employee works from home they are still required to meet certain work requirements. You don't know that the person Is working from home; but to the employer they are saving money. Studies have found that employers who give less 1 OFF loyal. Short breaks while at work gives the employee time to reflect and maybe see a new way to fix the problem or a different way to finish the task they are given. Research suggests that short breaks are more optimal at increasing worker radioactivity than a few longer breaks. " Wasting company time by using company computers is a good way to get yourself fired or demoted. When companies started using the internet in the workplace their where no restrictions; since they have found employees taking advantage of the internet at work. Companies have started to put more and more restrictions on internet use; such restrictions as blocking websites, computers not having outside internet access, password protections, and termination if using computers for illegal uses.