Through technology, there have been a lot of revolutions in the business world nowadays. One of the revolutions experienced in many organizations is the use of Internet-Based Conferencing. The technology has several advantages which include saving various costs like those of transport and accommodation. Web conferencing helps many organizations in increasing team productivity among the employees. Conferencing conducted through the Internet helps in removing the barrier that results in getting the right people and especially customers at the right time. Most of the stakeholders in an organization prefer this method of holding meetings to the previous ones because they can share and open various applications presented by other members. The main benefit that comes with Internet-based conferencing is cutting costs and helping all the individuals concerned in the well-being of an organization to work together efficiently. The other benefit is that business of all sizes can easily adopt this kind of technology because it assists in extending marketing research. One of the major issues associated with the use of this technology is the role of usability. Though Internet-based conferencing has many benefits which come along with it, there is a need to use it in a safe and efficient manner.

With the help of Internet-based conferencing, many organizations have the capability of achieving various goals within a short period while using fewer costs. Some of the areas that the conferencing does best include sale presentation. Through web conferencing, organizations are able to get into contact with many customers all over the world and therefore have the opportunity of advertising all their products and services. The other area is that this kind of conferencing helps in training different people. An organization is able to offer training to many trainees within the same period and examine their capability of performing various duties. Through the help of web conferencing, organizations are able to give briefings to employees and customers. This means that many organizations take advantage of web conferencing and inform customers on various changes that may happen with the products or services. Organizations are also able to inform the employees on various working changes that may occur before the due date of any major meeting. Internet-based conferences help many organizations to conduct monthly team meeting. Another area where this kind of conferencing does well is where organizations hold discussions with various participants located in remote areas (Suduc, Bizoi & Filip, 2009).

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Internet-based conferencing may fail to achieve the intended target in several areas. One of the areas is that this kind of conferencing causes disadvantage to an organization where it experiences various costs. For example, some of the costs include one related to train. Many organizations claim that they use many finances to train employees on how to use this king of technology. Some of the organizations claim that they have to offer live or personal training to the employees in order to be able to get a knowhow on receiving and providing infomation on the conference. Another area is that this kind of conferences fail to do well on time management. Many of the participants claim that the meetings start late to an extent of five minutes because of various reasons beyond personal tardiness (De Grosbois & Kumar, 2010). For example, some of the participants claim to experience problems on software downloads and installation on various moments before the beginning of the media although they claim that this just by bad luck.

In order to hold safely and effectively of Internet-based conferencing, organizations have an obligation of applying various strategies. One of the strategies is to make sure that there is accessible Internet. In order for the meeting to take place, Internet is a compulsory element in making the meeting successful. Another important issue to consider when conducting the conferencing is reliable source of power. The meeting may take time depending on the issue being discussed. This means that there should be a reliable source of power in order for the meeting to take place efficiently without any disruptions. The other reliable issue in order to hold effectively meeting is knowhow on operating on the various computers. All the participants need to have the knowledge on how to operate a computer system and on how to contribute during the meeting (de Groot, & Harrison, 2009).

There is a need to offer more security in the meeting that takes place on the Internet. This is because there are many hackers who may interfere with the proceedings of the meeting through applying of viruses on the system. Moreover, an organization may be making some of its confidential analysis on the Internet-based conference and therefore there is a need to have total security form provided the information to untrusted parties. Another issue to consider in having safe and effectively pricing is the cost used when carrying out the meeting (Reushle & Loch, 2008). Many of the companies that assist in offering the services of holding the wed conference ought to reduce the costs that they imply to organizations. Pricing of the web conferencing is the most significant issue that organizations ought to consider in order to have effective conferencing. This means that organizations have an obligation of holding various meetings whenever there is a need to do so and end up using low costs.

Every organization has an obligation of making sure that it has all the mechanisms and facilities needed to enhance safe and effective conferencing. All the participants should have the ability to show various slides that are well formatted from a PowerPoint presentation over the Internet. For example, the presentations ought to include pictures and other images concerning the matter of discussion. The participants contributing in the presentation should also be able to use markup tools that allow one to annotate various slides (De Groot & Harrison, 2009). This helps in highlighting the important information that ought to be given much consideration. Moreover, in order to hold an effective Internet-based conference there is a need to apply an Excel worksheet where neecessary so that to put emphasis on various points. This means that one of the biggest requirements regarding the issue of holding an effective Internet-based conference is having the necessary knowledge of conducting the conference.

One of the experiences that we can draw from the companies mentioned is that there is a possibility to hold Internet-based conferences in all the organizations (Reushle & Loch, 2008). This is because all the organizations offering various products and services tend to undergo a heightened level of competition in the global market place. This means that all the companies tend to find various ways that assist them to streamline their operations. All mentioned companies also seem to prefer the use of new technology in the basis of reducing costs. Much of these costs occur when paying transport and accommodation costs for the participants taking place in various meetings. In order to boost productivity in many of the departments allocated in the companies, they prefer holding this kind of conferencing employed by the use of technology. Another important experience learnt is that apart from saving time and money in most of the organizations which hold their conferencing with Internet-based technology, they also improve communication. This means that most of the organizations have the ability to improve their internal and external communication through the help of this technology.

Most of the organizations that tend to encourage the use of Internet-based conferencing tend to be a step forward in the global market place. They tend to be making much profit at the end of their financial year comparing with those that fail to employ this new technology. This means that most of the companies that use Internet-based conferencing structure of holding their meetings tend to be having an extra advantage of enjoying the development made in technology nowadays. Most of the organizations that discourage the use of the new technology in holding conferences tend to be dragging behind in applying the advancing technology. They fail to enjoy the benefits that come along while conducting Internet-based conferencing. Most of the organizations discouraging web conferencing in their business function fail to expand their reach. This means that they are not able to meet a number of targeted participants anytime and anywhere where they want (Suduc, Bizoi & Filip, 2009).

Some issues not covered in this topic require explanations on how to conduct a more advanced Internet-based conference in future. For example, how to conduct free and fair voting process while using this kind of conferencing. Some of the meetings may require the participants to vote in order to support or reject a certain motion and therefore there is a need to find a reliable way of voting. Another area that needs more explanation is whether there are various laws that prohibit conducting this kind of conferencing. More advantages come with applying Internet-based technology in business operations of an organization than what most people may expect. Therefore, there is a need for organizations to shift to this new technology.