Google is one of the largest and well-known companies in the technology industry. They have been known for their search engine for many years now. Also, Google has expanded their business into several other areas in technology from smart phones, tablets, android, and business software. Google’s search engine is known for reliably getting its users the information they want. One unique aspect that Google has is its business organizational structure is that it is flat and formed up into project teams, unlike most businesses.

Google has an organizational structure which is different from most companies. It is made up of many stockholders like most companies, however, the founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page set up Google in a way that they will always be in control of the company. What Brin and Page did was set up a two class voting structure for stockholder’s ownership in the company. The founders Brin and Page have 10 votes for each share in Google, although the public will only get one vote for one share.

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Ultimately, this will keep Brin and Page in control of Google and eliminate the potential that someday the stockholders could take over the company, and they could be removed as the company’s directors, much like what happened to Steve Jobs at Apple Computer in 1985. Google’s culture is informal, self empowerment, involvement, and has an aversion to bureaucracy, unlike most companies that are run from the top down in a theory x model. Futhermore, Google believes that if they operate without the bureaucracy it will encourage their engineers to develop superior ideas and products at an industry leading rate.

There are ten principles that Google’s owners developed, which are unique to the company’s management: Focus on the user at all costs. It is best to one thing really, really, really well. Fast is better than slow. Democracy works on the web. You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer. You can make money without being evil. There is always more information out there. The need for information crosses all borders. You can be serious without a suit. Great just is not good enough. These ten principles are a much laid back atmosphere, not top down, approach to the structure of a company.

However, this is the way Brin and Page want Google to be organized and works well for the company. This is a very democratic and simple way to design a company. The way Google has structured its management and divided the stock has put Brin and Page in a position to which they will be able to retain most of the power of the company aside from stockholders, whereas management will remain flat under them. The questions that the other stockholders have about the way the company is structured will not have an effect on the future of Google. Stockholders will have very little say in the decisions of how to run the company.

Google faces a large amount of competition in the technology industry, but with their management style believe that they can keep the best and brightest people. This is a company believes in teamwork and being able to keep everyone happy, not just the customers. This will enable them to keep workers who enjoy their jobs and want to put their full effort into making Google the best company in tech. Brin and Page are very determined to not only keep up with other companies in the industry but also to surpass them in all areas of technology that Google competes in.

However, Brin does believe that a company tends to self destruct when they are obsessed with their competition. This could be true because if a company becomes so focused on their competition, they will not be able to notice problems that need to be fixed within their own company to make it better. By putting the main focus on Google itself as a company, Brin, maybe able to save future hassles, and it may keep greed and bad feelings to a minimum. In conclusion, Google is a solidly expanding company over its life, and is hard to imagine that anything could stop it from growing larger.

Brin and Page have set up a form of management that promotes innovation and growth, without a top down very structured model. There will always be competition; however, with Google’s management structure it will be hard for other companies to surpass them. Google has the potential to be the best run and leader in the technology field.