CHAPTER 1 Introduction Modern technology touches life of most people in the easiest way it may be. Amazingly, computers, internet, as well as Wi-Fi manipulate human’s life. They can make our life more manageable. Our personal life became more exciting because of different social networking site like Facebook and twitter in which enabled us to search for the things we want to know. By exploring ourselves to a website will make us satisfy to the result that the internet gives us. Simply clicking on the buttons or links may vary our expectation and needs that will supply by means of web searching.

Apparently, most of the people are interested in exploring in the websites and other social networking sites. In humongous number of internet users, people rely mostly in the power of internet. In which we can’t blamed most of them because computers or internet is now a necessity and not a luxury that every people must possess. Website making also came to enter on modern way to bring their concerned and trusted the power of computer and internet to deal with the information they’re trying to establish to the community.

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Website will help a lot to encourage the interest of the people who are fond of using internet as one of the most reliable in searching a lot of things they want to know. Huge number of people may be found at the variety of social networking sites that they may log into. The researcher with a course of information technology with interactive multimedia, creating an interactive website for Martinez Memorial Colleges is suggested because most of the people are engaged in dealing with computers, internet, and social networking sites that we have nowadays. Review of Related Literature

Interactive multimedia “allows two-way interaction with multimedia course material, another computer, or another user with direct response to the input, as opposed to one-way communication from TV, video, and other non-responsive media. Interactive attributes commonly include data or text entry, mouse input, touch screens, voice commands, video capture, and real-time interaction”(Schneider, 2006). Interactive multimedia is a very useful multimedia system because it lets the user do things. There are a lot of websites and computer games that uses interactive multimedia which interacts with the user to do the things they want to do.

For most websites, people visit it once or twice then leave. Interactive websites build relationships with your visitors. Instead of only visiting your website once then leaving, you interact with your visitors several times (Drost, 2011). These websites interact with the users that are based on texts or in images that are appealing to them. Visitors of the particular interactive websites are allowed to make actions that are related to the content of the website. Also, if that website has an interesting game, they are allowed to play that game by moving different objects.

An interactive website enables you to start a conversation with your customer that develops into a relationship (Drost, 2011). Interactive websites can easily interact to people who are fond of using the internet most of the time. Using interactive websites helps the people who are searching for schools that offer courses and other programs they are interested. As they visit the particular interactive website of a school, they are starting to communicate with each other and eventually, they will create a relationship. The current age is age of science and technology.

Computer is one of the major inventions of science which has done wonderful contribution to our lives. Now internet has become the major and quickest source of information. You can have access to any information through internet. Internet is not only a source of information but source of business development as well. If you enjoy so many great benefits from internet, one key to open you to world is creation of website. There are countless options for you to upload a free hosted or highly paid hosting website; all depends on your needs and objectives.

For creating your own website, you will have to contact the cheap web hosting company which will assign you space on their computer for your web site. Then all the files, images and other content will be uploaded on the server. You can find many web hosts on internet (Retrieved from: http://www. hosting2all. com/). Computer and internet is one of the world’s most wonderful influential things. It has become as the quickest source of any information we would want to know.

Creating a website is one of the great benefits that we can fully enjoy because in there so many options to upload a website, to upload it in a free hosted or to a highly paid hosting website. Before creating website, you still have to associate to the cheaper web hosting company to authorize you a space on their computer and it will allow you to upload any kind of files you want to be uploaded on your own website. This truly is the Age of the Internet. Now that increasing numbers of people have Internet access, we are ever more likely to turn to it for shopping, research and information.

This development has not been lost on schools. Not only are many in the UK now using the web to reduce the costs of, for example, staff recruitment, but they are also using it as a tool to market the work they do and the success they achieve. In fact, the latest figures from the DCSF show that in 2003, 57 percent of primary schools, 82 percent of secondary schools and 50 percent of special schools had their own website. Yet it's not simply about getting a website up there for all to see; it's as much, if not more, about regular and effective maintenance.

Creating a website for your school offers the world a window on its community and work, in what could be argued to be the most appropriate form for a dynamic educational institution. While a website doesn't replace your school's prospectus, it can support it by offering readers heightened depth and scope. But there are certain pitfalls to avoid; a weak website could in fact diminish your public standing and one which does not fully represent what you set out to achieve as a school may simply serve to confuse.

Getting the balance just right is essential if your website is to fully represent your school and reflect your ethos and direction (Becta's technical advice for schools, 2009). Internet users are now increasing and they use it for shopping, research, and other information they want to know. There are a lot of schools have their own websites. Not only in the UK but also, in the whole world. Every school provides its own website in order for them to use it as a tool for their benefit. Creating a website is not only just creating it, but it should be regularly updated and maintained.

Creating a website for a school is offering everyone to join their community and to know more a lot of information about the school. Any information about the school must be constant and should not be replaced. A weak website doesn’t show the over-all information about the school while a good website should contain all the information that represents the school and the characteristics of it. Conceptual Framework |Input | | | |Knowledge | |Requirements | | | Basic Information about the Hospital. | | | |Advantages of the school. | | | |Multimedia | | | | | | | |Software | |Requirement | | | |Adobe Photoshop CS5 | | | |Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 | | | MySQL | | | | | | | | | |Hardware Requirements | | | |Digital Camera/ DSLR | | | |Laptop/Desktop PC | |Output | |Website of Martinez Memorial Colleges| |Finished Product | |System Require | |Project Description | Process | |Design | |Introduction | |Interface Design | |Take Pictures | |Information about the school | | | |Admission of the school | |Administration of the school | | | |Academics | | | |Alumni news and Images | | | Pre-Enrollment | | | |Online Application | | | |Implementation | |Anyone who wants to know more about the | |school | | | |System | |Evaluation | |The finished product will be tested | |by the people who will search for | |this school in the internet. | | | |The person supporting this website | will conduct a survey to the people | |who will try to search for the | |interactive website. | Statement of the Problem This study provides the Martinez Memorial Colleges to have its own interactive website which enables the school to be recognized and upgrade the process of enrollment system that benefits the students as well as the registrar to have their enrollment process in an easier way. The purpose of the study is to answer the following questions: 1. What is the easier process for the student to enroll? 2. What will lessen the workload of the registrar in terms of paper works? . What is the best way to advertise the school? Objectives of the study The purpose of this study is to provide a pre-enrollment process for the students that will enroll by accessing the website of the school and logging in using their student number and password that contains their class cards and assessment form of the specific student. To attract the students to enroll in Martinez Memorial Colleges, the researcher came up in creating an interactive website with complete information about the school, the faculty members that are dedicated in their job, and other features of the school.

The researcher conducts this study to advertise the Martinez Memorial Colleges by creating the interactive website that will help the school to be recognized in terms of its upgraded process of enrollment and its online application. Also, this study will be a great help for the students of Martinez Memorial Colleges, their parents, and future students to know important information about the school. Its main reason is to accommodate each and every student to answer their questions regarding the school by accessing on the interactive website that the researcher created for

Martinez Memorial Colleges. Scope and Limitation This study provides the school to have its own interactive website. It is likewise delimited to the school’s history, vision and mission of the school, admission process, administration of the school, courses offered by the school, alumni news and gallery, -log-in page for the students. To make it interactive, the researcher decided to have a log-in page wherein the student will log-in using their student number and password to access their class cards and assessment form for enrollment.

This study is limited to the pictures of the school’s administration officials for the security and safety of each member of the administration. This study came up because of the unavailability of Martinez Memorial Colleges an interactive website and for the students as well as their family, and for those people who wants to know more about the school premises. Significance of the Study This study provides the school information of Martinez Memorial Colleges. Through this study, it brings up a great deal on the part of the students, their parents, friends and families.

It will enhance the modernization of the school. Moreover, since the school itself will benefit this study their main concerns are to help individuals to become upgraded to its technological capacity and to have less paper works for the registrar staffs. In order for them to become more reliable and more accessible to meet people needs. Definition of Terms: Advertising •Is a form of communication used to encourage or persuade an audience to continue or take some new action. Interactive Multimedia • A multimedia system in which related items of information is connected and can be presented together.

Internet • A computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks that use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange. Online Application • An application in which all or some parts of the software are downloaded from the Web each time it is run. It may refer to browser-based applications that run within the user's Web browser or to rich client applications that resemble local applications. School •An institution within or associated with a college or university that gives instruction in a specialized field and recommends candidates for degrees.

Technology • the study of or a collection of techniques; a particular technological concept; the body of tools and other implements produced by a given society. Website • Computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web. Wi-Fi •Wireless local area network: a local area network that uses high frequency radio signals to transmit and receive data over distances of a few hundred feet uses Ethernet protocol. Chapter II: Methodology Project Design This study came up to produce an interactive website for Martinez Memorial Colleges.

This background color of the website is green, yellow and white to make it simple and pleasing to the eyes of the viewers. The Home page of the school website provides the name of the school, the navigation menu bar, the image slider that shows the pictures of the school building, school chapel, statue of the school founder, and the hospital of the school, the mission and vision of the school, the course that they offer, and the alumni news. The footer of the website provides the content of each navigation menu bar that is clickable and the copyright of the website.

The font colors of the text that is used are white, gray, and light green to blend with the background color of each column. The font style that is used is Verdana for simplicity and easy to read. The navigation menus are: Home, Admission, Academics, Administration, and Contacts. The purpose of the study is to create and develop the interactive website for the Martinez Memorial Colleges to help and inform the future and prospective student, and to help the school in terms of advertising and inviting those who are interested to enroll in Martinez Memorial Colleges.

The home page of the Martinez Memorial Colleges website has the name of the school and the navigation menu bar consist of six (6) buttons, the image slider with pictures and the history of the school, its vision and mission, courses that the school offer, and the alumni news. The admission page provides the admission policy, admission requirements for new students and for transferees, and the admission procedure for new students. The academics page provides the courses and its description. The administration page contains list of names of the Board of Directors and the Administration officials.

The information will be delimited to the names and position of the administration. Contacts page will provide the school address, telephone number, email address, website, and their facebook page. The Log-in button provides the log-in form for the registered students wherein they will use their student number and password to access their student information and assessment form. PROJECT STRUCTURE The researcher used 1263px x 1776px as the size of the website and the background colors that are used are green, yellow, golden yellow, white, and black. The main page of the website provides the name of the school, avigation menu, mission and vision of the school, courses that they offer, alumni news. The font style is Verdana and the font color is white. The header shows the name of the school and the navigation menu bar which are Home, Admission, Academics, Administration, Contacts, and Log-in. The font style is Verdana in white color and the hover color is light green. Below the header are the image slider and the history of the school. The pictures in the image slider are the school building, school chapel, statue of the founder, and the school’s hospital.

Under the image slider is the vision and mission of the school which is at the left side and the courses that the school offer which is at the right side. Each course has a short description that has “read more” button that links to the academic page wherein all the courses have their complete course description. The footer of the website contains the buttons in the navigation menu bar that provides the information in each buttons which is clickable. The standard font style that the researcher used is Verdana to make it simple and easy to read.

The standard font colors that the researcher used is white and gray color. The standard font size for the headers is 16 while for the paragraph is 12. The project’s design is conceptualize accurately in order to meet the users’ interest. Project Development In this study, the researcher gather information that will make the people informed. Finally, the researcher arrived to have an interactive website for Martinez Memorial Colleges. The researcher also prepared survey questionnaires and conduct a survey from the school and a request letter to Martinez Memorial Colleges in order to inform the administration.

The researcher conducts a survey to one hundred (100) students of different courses of the school. The researcher also captures some pictures of the students, rooms, and the building of Martinez Memorial Colleges. The pictures that are used was enhanced its quality to give the school a good impression about their facilities. The researcher gathered information and organize the contents of the website to give them clearer and informative information. The softwares that the researcher used for creating the website are Visual Studio Ultimate 2010, MySQL, and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

The Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 is used to create the design of website wherein editing of codes in the Cascading Style sheet (CSS) and JavaScript. MySQL is used to create the database of the website wherein creating of tables in order to create the records of the students. The Adobe Photoshop CS5 is used to enhance and resizing the images for the image slider and logo of the different courses. Testing Phase In project testing procedure, the researcher shows the interactive website and tests it if it has errors and other technical problems in order to check its convenience and capacity.

The researcher conducts a survey to the one hundred (100) student respondents of different course in Martinez Memorial Colleges. Here is the sample form of a survey. Good Day! I am Donna Marie M. Yogawin, a fourth year college student taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Interactive Multimedia Design and Animation at St. Scholastica’s College - Manila. I created an Interactive Website for Martinez Memorial Colleges. In connection with this, I would like to ask a little time for you to see and check the website and answer the following questions I have.

Your participation in this study is greatly appreciated. Thank You! Name: _______________________________ Gender: ____ Age: ____ General Instruction: Choose your best answer by checking the appropriate box you desire. Legend: 1 – Bad2 – Fair3 – Good4 – Very Good5-Excellent |DESIGN: |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 | |The website’s interface is attractive | | | | | | |Colors that re used are pleasing to the eyes | | | | | | |The animation is smooth and interesting | | | | | | |The links are easy to click | | | | | | | | |CONTENT: |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 | |The information gathered are upgraded and accurate | | | | | | |The interactive website promotes the school’s information | | | | | | |INTERACTIVE: |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 | |The Log-in form for the student is informative | | | | | | |The interactive website of the school is user-friendly | | | | | | OVER-ALL: |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 | |Would you recommend the interactive website for Martinez Memorial Colleges | | | | | | | Effectiveness in terms of pre-enrollment and online payment | | | | | | Is there something that the website needs to improve? If yes, what? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ______________ ____________________________________________________________ __________ Evaluation Procedure

The researcher conducts an evaluation from the one hundred (100) students of different courses in Martinez Memorial Colleges. The objective of conducting the survey in the questionnaire gathers the respondents’ opinions and views regarding the interactive website of Martinez Memorial Colleges. The researcher gave the questionnaire to the respondents and they have given enough time to answer the survey. The errors and improvements of the study will be based on the answers of the respondents. They are free to give comments and suggestion to enhance the website that the researcher will create. CHAPTER 3 Results and Discussion Project Description

This study is about the interactive website of Martinez Memorial Colleges with database of the student information, courses, year level, curriculum, grades, and subjects that provides information for the student in terms of pre-enrollment process. The main page of the website has six (6) buttons namely: Home, Admission, Academics, Administration, Contacts, and Log-in. Static Page Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 The researcher decided to use static page in order to make the page easy to navigate. The static page in the website contains the image slider that shows the images of the school as well as the history beside the images that inform the viewers about the school. Home Page Figure 5 Figure 6

The first page of the website is the home page wherein the viewers will see the Name of the school, the six (6) navigation menu which are : Home, Admission, Academics, Administration, Contacts, Login. Under that is the image slider that contains the images of the school building, chapel of the school, the hospital of the school and the statue of the school founder, and with that is the history description of the institution. Below that is the vision and mission of the school and under that is the alumni news. Beside that is the courses offered. The footer is provides the links of the information in each button in the navigation menu bar. The Admission Page Figure 7

Figure 8 The second page is the admission page wherein it provides the school’s admission policy, the admission requirements for the new students and for transferees, and lastly, the admission procedure. The Academics Page Figure 9 Figure 10 Figure 11 The Academics page contains the course that the school offers and the description of each course that will give the student the idea on what the course is all about. The Administration Page Figure 12 The Administration page provides the list of names of the Board of Directors and the Administration Officials. The images are not shown for their own security and safety. The Contacts Page Figure 13

The contacts page serves as the directory list wherein the school’s address, contact numbers, fax number, school website and the facebook page of the school. The Login PageFigure 14 The login page of the website is the log-in page of the student wherein the student will use their student number and password in order to view the student information and assessment form of the current semester and the specific student. Project Capabilities and Limitations The Martinez Memorial Colleges website is capable of pre-enrollment process wherein the registered student will log-in using their student number and password to view their grades and curriculum.

The school website is limited to college students for it only offers medical courses. The pre-enrollment system of the website does not provide online payment. The student will pay to the school’s accounting office only. The website can only be accessed with internet connection for it will be uploaded online. The website is best viewed in google chrome and also it can be viewed in other browser such as internet explorer and Mozilla firefox without any difference. Results and Discussions The survey was completely conducted to 100 respondents of different student in each course in the Martinez Memorial Colleges before the researcher finished the website.

The researcher meets the objectives through the results on the survey that has been conducted. Most of the answers in the survey are ranging in 5 and 4 which are Excellent and Very Good. Chapter 4 Conclusion • The researcher concluded that the Martinez Memorial Colleges website gives benefits to the students as well as to the registrar staff of the school for it lessen the paper workloads of the registrar. • The website receives positive feedback from the respondents from the survey that the researcher conducts. • Also, the log-in page gives convenience to the student because of the pre-enrollment process that the researcher decides to create. Recommendation

The researcher recommends to the future researcher who will enhance this website in terms of the log-in page wherein there will be a picture of the student in the student’s profile. The school alumni news and pictures that will inform the alumni from the events and gatherings that they will conduct. The online application form that will give convenience to the future students and the registrar staffs. ----------------------- MARTINEZ MEMORIAL COLLEGES HOME IMAGE SLIDER W/ SCHOOL’SHISTORY VISION & MISSION OF THE SCHOOL COURSES OFFERED ALUMNI NEWS FOOTER & COPYRIGHT ADMISSION ADMISSION POLICY ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS ADMISSION PROCEDURE COURSE DESCRIPTIONS COURSES ACADEMICS ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS BOARD OF DIRECTORS ADMINISTRATION CONTACTS SCHOOL ADDRESS TEL/FAX NUMBER SCHOOL WEBSITE FACEBOOK PAGE LOG-IN STUDENT LOG-IN